Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Delhi- a mystique city with many historical tales at its backdrop ,from a sleepy city to a hub of power struggle from Nadir Shah to Mughals ,a rich cultural heritage emanating from the Ghalib’s  shayari to the epicenter of India’s freedom struggle ,Delhi has seen it all ,tall and standing
From a city which truly reflects the unity in diversity of India Delhi has been in news for all the wrong reasons , for all the worst things

My Delhi – My Delhi would be the one where women are respected, where eve teasing would be a story long forgotten where we won’t have to come out on streets to demand a safe environment for women ,where I can roam anywhere in the night without the fear of being ogled, stalked ,where there would be no more “Nirbhay” My Delhi would be a place where  I can proudly say I am safe as I am a Delhite

My Delhi- The lush green environment of Lutyen’s Delhi is being replaced by a city where cars are honking, surveys say the air is polluted and every second person is facing respiratory problems My Delhi is a city where people take to Metros, car pooling where we ride bicycles ,where we make our Delhi a clean and Green Delhi

My Delhi – the scorching summers come with a baggage of water scarcity and then raise serious conflicts on Water , water being basic human need we need to respect the ecology around ,My Delhi would be the one where people don’t waste water ,where we do water harvesting for every drop counts

My Delhi- Delhi is known for Dilliwale who are bade dilwale ,My Delhi would be the one where we revive the bade dilwaale who have been somewhere lost in the mad rush for money, the growing NCRs when was the last time you said a hello with a smile to an old man in the park, when did you help an accident victim on road, when did you stopped by to talk to a child about his problems and why does he sell those magazines at signal which he doesn’t understand ,How about going to an orphanage and celebrating your birthday rather than that cocktail ones
We have many problems but the best part is the answer to all  these lie within us only and it is “My Delhi Manifesto”
  This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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