Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, July 23, 2012


 It was one of those days when you feel so non existent and so small before the persons standing before you ,yes it was RUN DELHI RUN "event at India Gate to commemorate Vijay Diwas ,popularly known for kargil war victory .It just happened one fine day that i got a call from Krish,founder of Indian Army Fans that we are planning to celebrate Vijay Diwas .I loved this idea because i always believe "We are what we are because in the toughest terrains of India ,soldiers are protecting our borders ,we are safe today because Kargil war took away sons of many mothers at an early age"
So the planning,meetings,CP gatherings,maps,task division started and the most wonderful thing i noted is that people from all age groups participated only on invite of a facebook page "Indian Army Fans" 
We had a boss ,a kargil war amputee Major DP Singh with a rock solid attitude as a driving force and yes he managed to call some of the most inspiring people as our guests 
Mrs Sudha Singh,M/O Shaheed Major Uday singh SM, SC
Col.V.N.Thapar,F/o Shaheed Captain Vijayant Thapar VC
Prof.S.K.Naiyer,F/O Shaheed Captain Anuj Naiyer,MVC
Deepa Malik,a paraplegic who is a sportsperson 
Navin Gulia ,a Paraplegic with a list of achievements that has no limits
The event started on 22 july at & 7 a.m and we were there by 6,700-800 people registered themselves at the run

we started with wreath laying at amar jawan jyoti ,as i was reading the names ,i slipped the name of Capt.Vijayant Thapar and my mind went empty ,Col.Thapar whispered me "Vijayant " with a smile and i was so embarrassed ,when he came back he said "good show doctor,it happens sometime",a brave and smiling father who lost his son to war at the age of 22
 The felicitation function started among the citations of the brave men and some very inspiring speeches with by everyone and the run was flagged off lead by DP Sir himself the crowd were so excited amid "Vande Matarm"n "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"
the most wonderful thing about run was we had our youngest participant at 5 yrs and the oldest at 83 along with 23 disabled persons and yes a group of runners came all the way running from Gurgaon to India Gate .................Amazing Zeal
we did plantation at pragati maidan with the message of Greener  India 
The 5km run ended at India Gate and we were happy that we did something for the war heroes and people who inspire India
Returning back i touched the feet of Mrs Sudha Singh ,she said girls don't touch feet she hugged me n cried .I had tears in my eyes ,words fell short and i said to her "Shaheed ki maa sabse mahan hoti hain mam"
I apologized to Col.Thapar again and he was so warm n friendly that he said you should come visit the father of Vijayant sometime ,this is your punishment :-)
Taking blessings from Prof Naiyer ,whose fight against corruption is known by all ,when he asked me what i wanted to do IAS he said always be an honest officer beta,it pains to see the condition of a country for which soldiers laid down their lives "he gave me a book duly signed which said "To Doctor whose citation about Anuj brought tears in my eyes after so many years "look at the greatness of a father living alone at the old age ,worried about the country more ,and we can understand from where soldierly values into Capt. Anuj came from.............and then he said i want to be alone ,after all he was a father too
we all have our own experiences that we felt like an Indian as written by Geetika as her status that a mere act of pushing the magnificent lady's chair to Amar Jawan Jyoti made my eyes wet"Two person rightly deserve the credit-Maj D P Singh &KRISH 


We murmur daily and complain
Of irritations, minor pain,
And yet we stand, in freedom's gain,
View sacrifices with disdain.
This very day, around the globe,
The faithful stand upon the Hope,
Their bodies marred, their lives laid down
To gain a share of Heaven's crown.
These humble heroes meekly stand
And place their trust in nation's hand;
They count their sorrows wholly blest
To serve a calling o'er the rest.
Although their human lives be spent,
No enemy can circumvent.
With mortar mixed from martyr's blood,
The nation will stand through fire and blood.