Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


for everybody who must be wondering how these lines came into my we went to railway station to bid one of our friend goodbye n seeing him going the last four months  of my delhi stay  ,which are going to end in a few days flashed by
when i left bhilai i did so with tears in my eyes,determination in my mind &definately a lil confusion about how my coaching duration would be &then my coachings at vajiram started
to start with at vajiram initialy i felt the environment intoxicating ,nobody talking to anyone,everybody engrossed in"the hindu"but then as it always happens i started talking to my next seat students &then slowly ,unknowingly i made a cool group out there  so it never ocurred that i m alone in this capital city
one peculiar but a sweet thing ocurred to me -when i left bhilai i was pooja,pooju ,tripathi but here everybody i repeat everyone called me "dr sahab"
*My group at vajiram-sunil for whom cracking civils is a promise made to someone,prakash-person with great knowledge but bad luck when it come to civils,amit-married but not happy about being so (joking amit......i know u missed bhabhi like hell),shilpa-freedom for the first time n a sweet gal,shreee-still a kid who went sad agar test me no. kam aa jaye n went all blushing if a girl sits besides him--------i wud always miss u frnds ,we were called"terror group" ,our chai time masti.leg pulling everyone&studying together-------wanna tell u all that u were like family n u always took care of me
*At Drishti-i made some really good freinds at drishti too n to list them surely Nidhi wud take the lead --a cute kid not only by her age but by her actions too is a sweetheart n nidhi n uski didi ki jodi became famous in class,second one is surely "shubhra"-with whom my nature,thinking,views match to such an extent that sometimes i see a persona of mine in her wud miss u dear
*Mrs Joshi-a retd bank employee with whom i met in metro journeys n who used to wait for me in rajiv chowk n she was a guide,frnd who confided in me ,understood me n whose fav dialogue used to be"tu doctor nahi lagti,bachhi lagti hai"
*Kapuria sir-those who complain of ageing n time having passed away go n meet kapuria sir-full of life ,energy,romanticism n his dial"u broke my heart into pieces........."
*there are many frnds who wud indeed be missed n who made my delhi stay a nice one
*last but definately not the least-Vikas Sir--------i never met a person like him before ,completely down to earth,an amazing human being with great sense of humour,ever so helping
he broke all the misconceptions i had about the teachers of coaching classes that they are overtly professional ,never interact(majority of them are) he is an absolutely wonderful person i would surely miss u sir n wanna thanku for all the support
  Swapna-jhare phool se,
Meet-chubhe shool se,

Lut gaye singaar sabhi baag ke babool se,
Aur hum khade-khade bahaar dekhte rahe,
Karvan guzar gaya, Gubar dekhte rahe.

Neend bhi khuli na thi ki hai dhoop dhal gayi,
Paon jab talak uthe ki zindagi fisal gayi,
Paat-paat jhar gaye ki shaakh-shaakh jal gayi,
Chah to nikal saki na par umar nikal gayi.

Geet ashk ban gaye,
chhand ho dafan gaye,
Saath ke sabhi diye dhuan-dhuan pehen gaye,
Aur hum jhuke-jhuke,
Mod par ruke-ruke,
Umar ke chadhaav ka utaar dekhte rahe,
Karvan guzar gaya, Gubar dekhte rahe!