Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, October 28, 2013


DELHI- the city which just celebrated its 100 years (or let’s say its too young to be 100) this beautiful, historic city of ours is riddled with endless number of problems but does that make this city uglier? Certainly no ,Delhi has witnesses a parade of rulers, divergent religious beliefs ,ethnic diversity ,migration of races but what’s the most beautiful thing is its there ,there for you with open arms from the majestic Red Fort to Lodhi Gardens,from the modern Lutyen’s to the old shahjanabad ,From the archival Hauz Khaas to the Select city walk. It was a witness to a unified empire of Akbar, an anxious Delhi saw the INA trials, a weeping Delhi gave shelter to refugees of partition and today it stands with increasing urbanization with its own set of issues ,My Delhi Manifesto talked about how I want my Delhi to be,lets work towards each issue individually

1)Lets make it a green Delhi, Save Yamuna - Delhi today manifests the symptoms of uncontrolled urbanization with respect to population, transport, industrialization and trade, and commercialization. The city, made initially to cater to 70,000 people has grown outward to host over 16 million people in the present day. This has put understandable pressure on Delhi’s natural resources and led to depletion in quality of the ecosystem services provided by these. Yamuna is now a drain that flows in one part of the city and is known only because there is a trans-’Yamuna’. The once continuous Ridge is now split into parts. It lies quiet but is slowly facing ecological crisis of all kinds. Both the Yamuna and the Ridge have been opened up for construction allowing urbanization to destroy the very “lifelines” that first facilitated it. And now, there is an urgent need to highlight the issues of the river and the Ridge before more damage is done to these But in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, most of us forget this and remain detached from the essential reality that we too are part of the ecosystem and will be impacted by any unnatural adverse change. It is now time to realize this truth and be more aware and informed about our surroundings. On this 100 year ‘capital celebration’, give Delhi the gift it deserves. Give it some of your time and it will only be an investment in your own future.

2) Make Delhi safer for women- Gang rape shook the conscience of every citizen and it is no hidden fact that Delhi  is”Unsafe” for women, but let’s introspect who made it unsafe? Its we the people of Delhi Girls- Be safe ,use women helpline numbers and Men –Respect every women around you ,confront any male if you see eve teasing, molesting, stalking sometimes its just the community voice that demotivates any spurious intention of these psychopaths

3)Save Water, Save Air –The constantly declining water table is an issue of urgent concern where many parts of the city are facing acute water crisis ,Harvest rain water, stop wastage of water ,teach your children that water is a finite resource ,and for air its causing respiratory problems thanks to the increasing number of vehicles and their exhaustive fumes why not try car pooling or public transport? it may save you a few bucks too

4)Where are the sparrows gone- Delhi recently gave the state bird status to the little house sparrows but have you noticed you hardly see any of these little creatures now .Where have they gone? Why not make little nest boxes for them ,sprinkle some food for them in your balcony ,a little water and plant trees ,you will have those harmless visitors again

5)Last word : For the Government-  Now here why do we need to even suggest you people? even a class 6 student will tell you the tenets of Good Governance No corruption in commonwealth like events, it’s the hard earned money of ours Secondly as your welfare programs do something(we mean at implementation level) for the huge population of unorganized workers and urban poor Delhi is home to migrants from practically every neighboring state in search of livelihood generation opportunities and failing to which they resort to crime

Go out Delhi and vote in the coming elections  ,don’t just suggest be the medium to bring about the changes that you suggest
Here is a toast to “Forever Delhi”
This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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