Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Be safe girls with these smart tips

Delhi -the scary news of Nirbhay Gangrape is still fresh in our memories and every second girl will have her own story of harassment in any form 
So why not read these smart tips which can come very handy while preventing any kind of adverse situation 
1) Download Smart suraksha app ,which sends a pre saved message to 5 of your contacts in any kind of emergency situation ,with this you will always have your loved ones around

2)Whenever you take a cab or auto ,call anyone and give your location,your destination,the cab 
's number to someone from family or a friend (You can always fake a call too..take my word ,it works) this act of yours demotivates a person even he has some fishy ideas

3)Hire a She cab (remember the ones shown in Satyamev Jayate)  by this u can not only be safe ,u could also help some women in distress are trying to make out a living by driving cabs ,the best part is you can always have that girly talk with them if you are one of a chatterbox like me 

4)Google about the distance ,time taken etc before going to a new place beforehand ,this would save you from extra bucks too and no one can take an advantage 

5)Some places are a complete no no if you are unaccompanied 
for eg-the criss crossing lanes in interior of chandni chowk
6)The satellite towns of Delhi -Delhi is expanding and its periphery is increasing accommodating nearby villages so if work or any reason takes you there just to avoid any uncalled attention like no short dress ,no hugging in public,sometimes you have to respect the society u are going in as is said"Jaisa desh,waisa bhes"

7)Night -if you are partying late at night and you are high ,be in groups ,don't travel alone ,never take a transport avenue if it seems just too empty

8)The always helpful pepper and chilli spray are a must carry in your handbag

9)Take some self defense classes,the best way to be safe,my karate instructor has advised me that if you are attacked or caught tightly from behind ,always remember always MAKE THAT FIRST BLOW,A HARD HITTING BLOW AT THE GROIN AREA the excruciating pain  to him will give you time to escape

10)The last and the most important ,don't ever leave any unwanted or suspicious activity around you unreported even if it's not effecting you directly,report to police ,they are there to help us and they are good at that

Be a responsible citizen,be safe,be secure..........HAPPY LIVING

 I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App

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