Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

SAKSHAAT 5.0 - Sehar's tribute to Anand Bhai

How do you write an obituary for a person you have never met? How do you say something about a person with whom you have never even talked on phone? The world of web is one amazing world, It introduces you to some of the most beautiful person, some crazy ones, some friends, somewhere soulmates and why to even forget THE STALKERS.

When I started writing a blog, blogging was something very niche, very "unknown to many kind" of a platform. I took a pen name Sehar, wrote my some of the initial posts and *PING* came a comment of “Anand Patankar”. Anand who later became our Anand Bhai was one of the foremost reader, admirer and a friend of Sehar.

Sakshaat is a tribute today, when I first announced “Sakshaat” column, he messaged me when I will take his interview on Sakshaat. I smiled and said “Very soon”.  He replied that may be after he is super successful, he won’t have time. I knew that was not possible.

I connected through Anand Bhai on facebook, had chats, long chats about passion, careers, travelling and so on. He loved photography and clicked some of the most amazing portraits. Anand bhai was a full of life person and yes he was my blog buddy, a very close one.

We never felt the need to even exchange numbers, blogs connected us, words bonded us. When Anand Bhai was associated with a magazine for “Food photography” he told me cheerily and I was happy for him. For he well deserved it. He had some exhibitions too for which he invited me. I was busy, we all are always busy until the things we should have said to a person turn into obituary.

I always reminded him that he has to click a beautiful photograph of me and he said he would love to. Anand bhai, you will be missed. Every time I will write a blog post, a familiar memory will cross my mind, of a smiling Anand bhai with his flattering comments on my writing.

His last post was “Dying is easy, Living is difficult”.

Was it so easy to leave us Anandbhai.

RIP Anand Patankar.

Up above the world so high, You must be searching for some new portraits to be clicked.

We will miss you.....................Sehar