Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Thursday, October 29, 2015


Recently twitter saw an ugly spat between actrtess Ameesha Patel and actor Kushal tondon . recalling what happened would not be pleasant, but still for the sake of readers, let's run through what happened. The duo had separately gone to watch a movie in a theater hall in Juhu when Tandon found that Ameesha was not standing up for the national anthem and was fiddling with her phone.

Tandon approached her (not figuring who she was in the dark) and asked her to respect the national anthem. The rest is history with Ameesha getting back with abusive statements on Twitter, calling him 'asshole' and 'jackass' and explaining her 'girly problem at that time of the month'

ameesha patel 
I waited for the film to start so I cud address my GirLY problem in the bathroom. Didn't know that kushal wud make it a national issue

Men like him who have forced a woman 2 speak about her intimate girly problems are jerks .. He is a shame to society

Diyar Ameesha patel

A gold medalist in economics, a known actress , a person who can do those raunchy, double meaning item songs and yet you have to call the “Menstruation” a “Girly Problem”.

Let me tell you a little history. the first commercial sanitary towel, introduced in 1896 by Johnson & Johnson, failed to sell, not because there wasn’t demand for the product but because advertising for sanitary products was thought improper and so no one even knew they existed.

Various campaigns are going on, advocacy is at its peak in the world to call a period  simply a period not some girly problem, red friend, that time of the month, an aunt visiting . Do you even realize that this naming is bercause of shaming.   Shame of accepting that you are menstruating. 

Hey Ameesha, why don’t you bring out a biology book and read about it. And by educated , elite women like you failing to call it by its name you are pushing back the whole movement of breaking taboos around periods.

It’s ironic that so much embarrassment, awkwardness, and shame surround a natural bodily function experienced by half the population at some point in their lives.

The negative consequences of ‘the menstrual taboo’ are felt not just by individuals but by communities and economies as a whole. Over half of girls in East Africa miss important schooling during menstruation because they can’t access pads or the information they need about their own bodies and a recent study in Bangladesh found that 73 per cent of female factory workers were missing 6 days of work a month during menstruation.

And yes its not the problem of our culture to be specific. When you call it “Girly Problem” , you add the embarrassment to the long list of cultural-specific “sequestration rituals, around menstruating women. In Italy, women aren’t meant to make pasta sauce if they’re at that time of the month. In Nepal, women have to sleep in a cattle shed overnight and they aren’t allowed to cook when they’re on their period, so for four days a month the man will take over the cooking. “Until very recently in the UK people believed that dough wouldn’t rise if a woman tried to make bread while menstruating.

Breaking the taboo around menstruation is much more than speaking out. Its biological, its normal and it is associated with Menstrual hygiene it is an opportunity for the global community to say to disadvantaged girls and young women, ‘You Matter. Period.

So next time do not use the world “Girly Problem”……..Period.

With Love

A Girl Herself