Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Love-a word that carries an aura of mystery around it ,blame it on the romantic novels or the movies ,we always dream of a fairy tale story of ours This search for perfection never ends &sooner or later we realize the whole mystery is a myth

1)LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES: We read some stories in which the prince charming falls for a poor girl,the princess goes with the thief,watch a movie in which a superstar"pretty woman" confesses her love for a common guy-these magical stories make you go gaga but helloz....... this things happen only in John Hughes movies or mills &boons novels .Relationship is all about finding a more compatible partner often on an unconscious basis

2)LOVE HAPPENS ONCE IN A LIFETIME:We have grown up believing that life is all about finding one soul mate & the famous holy line"and they lived happily ever after" &for all my buddies who have grown up in"Dil to pagal hai"breed of romance its about honestly believing that we are created in pairs &when the perfect time comes ,we meet them n flowers bloom n music plays.........give yourself a break this is a sheer nonsense Psychology only proves that our expectations from the same partner changes with time

3)LOVE DEPENDS ON MEETING OF MINDS:You will never see things through your partner eyes because you are two genetically different people .you are genetically,psychologically &historically different .Relationship is all about being with a person who enriches you &not reflects you .Men &women are wired differently so respect your differences

4)LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT:Its very common to be absolutely smitten by someone in first meeting but this is just a major crush or looks based attraction ,chances of turning into a serious relationship are possible only in Shakespeare's works we all nurse the dream of finding a partner how much we claim 
that we are happy single ,our subconscious makes us believe that this attraction is love

5)THERE IS A RIGHT WAY &A WRONG WAY TO MAKE A RELATIONSHIP GREAT:Nothing could be far from truth.There is no right way to be a good spouse,good partner or to handle a relationship challenge .Remember not to be rigid about the way in which you accept your partner's expressions of love .The fact that your partner has a different way of expressing feelings doesn't make it less genuine

"Love has nothing to with the five senses &six directions............RUMI"

Friday, November 11, 2011

for "DADDY'S GIRLS"..........

This post came out of a research journal in Science Daily"women who enjoy good childhood relationships with their fathers are more likely to select partners like their dads"
So do we need a science daily to prove this?Absolutely not .........Throw a question to any girl barring age ,marital status "The man you love the most?".....&would come an instant reply from a daddy's girl "MY DAD" 
Girls having a caring dad who has always pampered her has a direct impact on who she finds attractive ,conforms Dr Lynda "We can now say that daughters who have a very positive childhood relationships with their fathers choose men with similar facial characteristics"

"Similar facial characteristics" is a bit too far but with due respect to Sigmond Freud its more on the level of making dads an iconic character in our lives .Every daughter wants a man who will protect them with care like their dads ,not because she needs it but only because he loves her 

Lets face the truth its very difficult to find a person who closely resembles your"real life hero",at the end of the day every person has their own place ,their own admirable qualities &also habits which can irritate you to the core :cherish it ,value it &love it you would surely give a second thought before answering "THE MAN YOU LOVE THE MOST"
Ending this note for all the daddy's girls &their wonderful dads

"A little girl needs her daddy

To love her with manly charm,

To soothe her when she's hurt,

And keep her safe from harm.

A girl needs her dad

To show her a man who's good

To help her make right choices,

As only a father could.

A woman needs her father

Just to be aware,

He'll always be there for her

To sustain her and to care.

You've been all these things, Dad

I hope that you can see

How much I treasure you


You mean everything to me."

LOVE YOU DAD.......................Sehar