Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Thursday, December 22, 2011

IF ONLY................

Have you ever met a person who admits to nursing regrets ?these regrets can be many-not making a proper career choices,not having given enough time to family,the most common being not expressing your emotions to a person whom you once loved the most ,!Being beset with doubts about yourself &the life you have chosen is well recognized symptoms of MID LIFE CRISIS

Actually lets be honest,we all once in life think that life would have been different if we made some different choices .aptly termed as turning point decisions!  The difference being how do we react to these thoughts,some of us dismiss it in the name of destiny while the other group believes that its we n only we who determine our paths

Mid life crisis is a period of dramatic self doubt that that is felt by some individuals as a result of sensing the passing of youth n entry of old age people start reassessing their achievements in terms of their dreams which results in significant"out of turn"decisions related to work,marriage.relationships &even physical appearance 

If we all could accept the life that is meant for would lead to greater satisfaction.the anger over "second best"never allows you to enjoy life to its fullest whats the use of crying over"ifs" &"wish i hadn't",the reality is circumstances were NOT different,time never goes in reverse mode&even after you deeply regret ,nothing's gonna change 

One of the best novels about midlife crisis "BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS" BY ANNE TYLAR is about a woman Rebecca ,53,who has a so called successful life with kids n buisness suddenly realizes"that she had turned into a wrong person".She wonders what a lovely life she would have if she had not dumped her sweetheart to marry a man older than her .She takes up a long journey to find her"Long Lost life"but ultimately realizes that "THERE IS NO TRUE LIFE ,YOUR LIFE IS THE ONE YOU END UP WITH WHATEVER IT MAY BE.YOU JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE GOT"

Follow your passion,make sure you have time for your loved ones &take responsibility of your decisions &their results because"YOU CANNOT CONNECT THE DOTS LOOKING FORWARD ,YOU CAN ONLY CONNECT THEM BACKWARD,YOU HAVE TO TRUST THAT THESE DOTS WILL SOMEHOW CONNECT  IN  YOUR FUTURE:STEVE JOBS"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Its Delhi's 100th birthday,celebrating 100 years of this magnificent city where ancient &modernity have entered into a wedlock.On 12 dec 1911 was held"Dilli Durbaar" &as India awoke to freedom &life at the stroke of midnight hour city of Delhi underwent several dramatic changes in topography,typology ,demographics&culture. If you visit any state of India you would be welcomed by a distinct aura of ethnicity surrounding it that is distinct to that place,but when it comes to Delhi,its a perfect example of multiculturalism blended into a lovely cohesion where"Delhites"limits itself to the cool guys n gals .Delhi actually belongs to everyone ,its ethnicity is Indian &is completely"Desi"by heart .You are left amazed of the infrastructure that goes taller day by day&the Delhi girls who never cease to be prettier.Ask someone for directions &you would get a bonus of information on whats the coolest eating joint nearby!believe me Delhi is a crazy foodie by heart,it proudly boasts itself of the best restaurants with international cuisines as well as the most amazing street food &that explains that noone complains of crowd n traffic jam when "Praratha wali gali"is nearby .So take a break from FDI disaster.Sibal being a net nanny&rehearsal for the upcoming "Mai Bhi Ana"movement &celebrate 100 years of a city that celebrates&reinvents itself daily .A saga of Power,conquests n revolts ,a city that has seen its transition from the mighty Indraprastha of pandavas,shahjanabad &dilli of mughals to Lutyens 'New Delhi-its a city of Power,Politics,Food,Fashion along with a dark underbelly:HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY DILLI/DELHI                                  

Friday, December 9, 2011

The new rule book of chivalry

Welcome to the new age urban India couples where

 complexities have started to creep in .Women who in the past

 enjoyed their newly found financial independence ,some of 

them have out passed their partners in terms of paycheck 

badly disturbing the personal equations in the domestic 

economy &they are better off known as "Lets share it 

half" couples 

Once upon a time ,the rule book of 

chivalry had its predefined conventions where the guy used to

 pay the bills on the date ,he used to be the sole responsibility 

bearer &paycheck was never an issue in the day to day 

differences .But that's a pass now,these 

young,ambitious,upwardly mobile couples with their 

big fat salary are sharing equally everything from electricity 

bills ,home rent to of course the expenses on "dinner date"! Its 

their practical solution to avoid arguments &inferiority 

complexes that can take a toll on their sex life too

This new perspective is actually about how gender roles are 

perceived in a society ,both through a woman's &a man's eye .

When a woman thinks that she doesn't believe in stereotypical 

gender roles &man on what should be the power &equation 

issues &differences see a "Most Welcome"sign

Make your own rules,break the same 

when you feel they are an obstacle in 

your relationship,keep the spark alive 

&don't change the"And they lived 

happily ever after..............." to "And 

they lived happily ever after till hers 

salary got a hike"..........sehar

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ALEPH.........'coz Life is the train not the station

If you have opened this post in hope of reading a book review of 

Paulo Coelho's latest novel"Aleph" ,sorry to disappoint you ,its 

an attempt to rewrite a personal experience .My encounter 

with literature when my date with comics ended up started with 

"Dr Harivansha Rai Bachhan's :Kya Bhoolo Kya Yaad 

Karu"&from that age i have a penchant for reading 

autobiographies or personal experiences as has been very 

rightly quoted "The act of writing with serious intent 

involves enormous personal risks"

The great writings are those that are written with all 

honesty &to put it more flatly with all the guts &no 

doubt "Aleph" stands tall in that .A tale about love 

without the boundaries of time&space,a tale about 

believing in yourself,a tale about forgiveness &above all 

a tale that above moral policing takes you above fair -

unfair to strengthen the bond of marriage

We all have an aleph moment but somehow we fail to 

realize it in the race from past to present to future but 

always remember :Each new experience of love has 

nothing to do with past 

experiences,its always new 

It takes you to a new journey of 

spiritual search where acts of 

compassion & 

selflessness,forgiveness n inner 

peace are its characteristics .

Writing is spiritual for me ,

,dancing connects me to the god

Read &experience aleph ,encounter your fears 

&shortcomings not only because "Each end gives us an 

opputunity for rebirth"but also to always keep in heart 

that "Life is one long training session,in preparation for 

what will come.Life &death lose their meaning,there are 

challenges to be met with joy &overcome with 


Wishing you your moment of aleph :

"Eternal fires light moonless nights

while love flickers in the shadows

embraced by guarded secrecy

from ashes of surrender".........sehar