Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, March 30, 2015

#HerChoice vs #HisChoice...............REALLY?

Ok Deepika , I love you,I really do ,
I adored you  when you stood against a filthy useless piece of news , you completely took us by surprise when you talked about depression and then two days back I loved the Homi Adjania documentary you featured in .

I am a new age woman ,I hurled choicest of abuses against that lawyer teaching us morality in “India’s Daughter” ,I look for a society where we are equals ………….Yes EQUALS and what worries me is the overdose of feminism .Feminism is more of a style statement these days rather than addressing some core issues .Having worked in rural pockets of India ,I know that the woman who do not advocate feminism are the ones who need an equal society ,
Its your life ,its your choices  but can we introspect a little? Saying damn you ,its my choice ,its my life ,its my day and its my night. aren’t we striking off the whole idea of equality  ,no one superior means no one should be inferior too. Equal means Equal.
 The new age men ,majority of them have no issues with their better halves working ,have no issues with the sindoor ,bindi on her forehead,chudi on her hand stuff ,they understand that ladies work and it’s their choice to sport them or not. In this whole tug of war between a man vs a woman ,we forget that the bigger issues are still unaddressed from rape to khaps ,from some sick bastards molesting you to a child marriage still prevalent somewhere.
We  as an empowered few are free to make our choices or even his but there are still millions who don’t . For a privileged few our fingerprints make our universe but in this same universe of our choices ,a research paper says
In a six-bed women’s ward in New Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital lies a frail 15-year-old girl. Her face and head are bandaged, leaving visible only a bruised blue-black eye and swollen lips. Burn marks and scabs extend down her neck to her whole body, and a disfigured ear clings on to her face like a piece of mangled flesh. A strange stench surrounds her. The nurse who comes to check on her explains the smell: A wound on the girl’s skull is rotting and has filled with maggots.
The girl tries to speak. In a muffled voice, she says: “My employer would beat me every day with a broom and a stool. Many times she would put a hot pan on my body and burn my skin. That’s how the skin on my skull started peeling out as she repeatedly burned the same spot.”
Somehow the horrific brutality inflicted on this teenager is not an isolated case. Thousands of girls are trafficked every year from remote villages to large cities and sold as domestic workers. Many are abused or sexually exploited.
Extreme poverty, lack of education and employment, and poor implementation of the government’s minimum wage system in rural India make girls more vulnerable to being trafficked. The 2013 Global Slavery Index, published by the Australia-based Walk Free Foundation, an organization that works to end modern slavery, found that almost half of the 30 million “modern slaves” in the world are from India

We are all equal in the fact that we are all different ,different in sex, different in emotions. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that men ,women,straight ,gay ,lesbian ,transgenders ,married or live in we all are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don't share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. I will not blind myself and say that he is not different from me. I will not blind myself and say that my choices mean denying his . But while advocating my choices ,my life ,my idea of love ,my definition of lust ,I don’t forget he as much he as I am She.

Social Media- you are terrific ,when you came out with this video ,yes its my life and i accept it ,this one is good 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Listen to me ...................

Listen to me 
When my wounds scream 
Listen to me 
When heart sings a melancholy 
Listen to me 
When the reds turn into "the blues "
Listen to me 
Without trial and tribulations 
Listen to me 
When I wander in the desert of detachment 
Listen to me 
When I feel paltry, petty &purportless 
Listen to me 
Coz the hollowness seems too big to fill 
Don't audit 
Don't apprehend 
Don't monitor 
Don't harken 
Just listen to me 
Just listen....................Sehar

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

मेरी हवा , मेरा ताजमहल

यह शुरू करने से पहले मैं  बता देना चाहती हूँ कि यह कविता नुमा पोस्ट मैंने लिखा क्यूँ. अबू धाबी की यात्रा के दौरान एक वर्ल्ड क्लास शहर देख कर मैं आश्चर्यचकित थी.विकास सरपट दौड़ रहा था उस रेगिस्तान में ,पर फिर मैंने देखा कि प्रोग्रेसिव होते हुए भी महिलाओं के परिवेश को लेकर वह आज भी वही पुराना शहर है.

"करीने से सजे रास्तों के बीच 
मैने देखा ताजमहल जैसा कुछ 
ताजमहल जैसा पर ताजमहल नहीं 
सीना ताने, गर्व से उनमुक्त 
ना धूल थी, ना था कोई शोर 
ना वहां कोई मिनी ताजमहल बेच रहा था
ना कोई दीवारों पर "राजीव heart emoticon सुनीता "लिख रहा था
जब लगा कि बस यही है वह कल
जिसे अपने देश के हर बीते आज में देखा था
तभी पीछे से किसी ने टोका, बार बार टोका
"सर पर से दुपट्टा गिरना नहीं है
बालों को हवा में उड़ना नहीं है "
वो कल हँस रहा था मेरे आज पर
दुपट्टा संभाले, बालों को ढकते देखा मैंने
ना वह ताजमहल जैसा दिखता था
ना ही वह ताजमहल था"

Monday, March 9, 2015

Best Travel destinations for the species called "Cricket Crazy "

Travel is a way of life , We travel to unleash ,to energize ,to feel alive and to pursue our passions. Travel can be a medium to explore, a medium to get your own “me “ time , to think about what went by ,to meet yourself and of course to live your dreams .if you belong to the latter category where you eat cricket ,drink cricket ,sleep over cricket ,have relationships over cricket interests and yeah break ups over a match missed ,I would take you all to some of the best cricket travel destinations of the world, stadiums that breathe cricket ,countries that scream cricket .Go find your partners in passion over there where every one has one religion – Cricket and mind it they are quite radical about this religion .

  The traveler’s delight and where cricket got its name – A      gentleman’s game ,Visit England for the oldest cricketing   history and some of the best grounds and sunny weather.

      1)   THE LORDS ,LONDON
As the name itself suggests, it is the lord of all the cricket destinations. A must must see for all sports travelers ,The Lords boasts itself of the richest history in class and cricket since it was established in 1814. It was established by Thomas Lord back in 1814 and the ground has the name from its founder, It has been the venue for some of the greatest matches in cricket history.
Image source-

World Cup Finals: (1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999)
The Lords cricket ground is home to the Marylebone Cricket Club, and also the county team Middlesex of London who play their home matches at the Lords.

    2)   The Oval, Kensington ,London
The oval holds the distinction of holding first test match of England as well as Football world cup final. Oval is the best looking stadium in the world and over the years have been host to manny thrilling Ashes test matches in the past.

Image courtesy

3)   The Old Trafford , Manchester ,UK
The old Trafford ,Manchester has also important history behind it. it was established in 1854. Here the first test match was played between Australia and England in1884. And as the name old suggests . England's second-oldest test ground has hosted plenty of memorable moments on the pitch including the "ball of the century " from Australia's Shane Warne in 1993 and Jim Laker's astonishing match figures of 19 for 90


 4)   Headingley ,Leeds ,UK

Who can forget the two triple centuries from the Don? Or Yorkshire's very own Geoffrey Boycott scoring his 100th century here. And, of course,that performance from Ian Botham in 1981?

5)   Trent Bridge , Nottingham ,England
A ground that witnessed England’s 2005 and 2013 Ashes victory is a locals favourite for watching county cricket.

The home to few of the largest and  the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world . Visit Australia for its picturesque beaches ,landscapes that are a photographer’s paradise and the world class stadiums that truly complement the country’s beautiful locales .

1)   MCG ,Melbourne , Australia
Melbourne cricket ground has great importance in the history of cricket because it has hosted the first ever International Test Matches which was played in between Australian and England and the first ever ODI matches in 1971 and against between these two teams. But the interesting thing is that Aussies defeated English in both the events.160 years of action has produced a slide show of best cricketing memories.. Perhaps the most memorable, for all the wrong reasons, was the "underarm delivery" from Trevor Chappell.
Picture source- John Hargest

2)   SCG ,Sydney ,Australia
Sydney cricket ground is beautiful and do plan a visit to this Architecture’s marvel , Sydney was a witness to the monkeygate incident between Harbhajan singh and Andrew Symonds .Don Bradman’s iconic inning of 452 not out and Rickey Ponting’s maximum three figure scores were made here at Sydney.
Image -

3)   WACA ,Perth ,Australia
Famous for being one of the fastest wickets in the world, the WACA has long been a pace bowler's paradise. Glenn McGrath registered his best ever figures of eight for 24 here against Pakistan. Brett lee has added many feathers in his cap at this same ground .


4)   Adelaide , Australia
The infamous Bodyline series of 1932-33 reached its peak at this ground when mounted police were required to keep the crowd under control. England fans won't have fond memories of their side's collapse in 2006.

                      C)   INDIA  
Indians don’t bleed red ,they bleed blue such is the craziness for cricket is there in this country . It hosts some of the best cricketing stadiums in the world
1)   Eden Gardens , Kolkata ,India
Eden Gardens is considered the difficult passage for any team playing against India with thousands of fans screaming . Riots, World Cup finals, stampedes, hat-tricks, the greatest turn over matches of all time and even more riots. What more could you possibly want? 

   2)   Wankhede . Mumbai , Maharashtra, India
Who could forget the astounding win of India in the last world cup finals here at the Wankhede with the ecstatic crowd radiating the frenzy to the whole country . It observed Ravi Shastri's six sixes and Sunil Gavaskar's 205 against the West Indies,but we the Indians would always remember it's most poignant moment when Sachin Tendulkar walked off the field for the very last time in November 2013.


   3)   HPCA , Dharamshala
Including this beautiful ,stunning stadium for being the highest cricketing ground. Where else you will find breathtaking view of Himalayas in the background while the game is on.

         D)  South Africa
 The land of gems both in stones and in players .

      1)  The Wanderers ,Johannesberg
The 2003 world cup final of India vs Australia must be etched in memory of millions of cricket fans played at the wanderers. The ground is nicknamed "The Bullring" by locals due to the circular shape and intimidating atmosphere generated by a partisan home support. Opened in the mid 20th century, the stadium has played host to many memorable moments including Michael Atherton's marathon innings and the highest score ever.


     2)  Cape Town ,South Africa
The spectacular surroundings make for a buzzing atmosphere, particularly in international cricket. Host to many broken records and some classy cricket since many decades.

E)   Some stadiums that are not to be missed if you are a cricket crazy wanderer.
1. New Road, Worcester, UK
2. Bellerive Oval, Tasmania, Australia
3. Queenstown Events Centre, Queenstown, New Zealand
   4. Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan
5. Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh
6. Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica
7. Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia
8. Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Kandy, Sri Lanka
9. Karachi Stadium ,Karachi ,Pakistan
10. SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff, UK
 11. Galle Stadium , Srilanka

Go visit these cricket mecca and madinas for experiencing the adrenaline rush ,the cheer factor ,the hooting and the first hand experience of a game which is a way of life for many of us cricket fans 

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

MR M. L.Sharma – do you actually exist?

Hello Mr Sharma .

I am someone’s daughter  and a darling daughter ,I work in Bihar ,I travel across India for  freelancing ,for my stories for a travel show that you must not have watched because at that time you must be busy watching some spiritual movie .

I stay alone ,I travel solo ,I am sometimes late due to work ,I am fond of movies and I usually watch evening shows with friends who are boys too. I wear shorts ,I go on holidays to Goa ,I laugh loudly ………..exactly my point is I am a bad girl according to the definitions that you carry in your head.

You actually said this bullshit that a girl is like a flower, and all men are supposed to protect that flower. Yes I am pretty but I am not a flower .i know how to scream ,how to raise my voice and this was taught to me by a man – My dad. I do get molested ,everyone does and why not with douches like you we can never be safe and yes f I get followed or chased , another man protects me – my best friend ,my brothers but I am no flower Mr Sharma ,I can be a thorn too and better you don’t forget that .

And what was that sweets being howled by dogs. You actually exist? Do you have a daughter? Mother? Sister? Wife ?........No? or do you feel in your own words “ SEX IN THE EYES” when you see the goddesses in the temple . When you work at the court there may be so many female employees ,your colleagues ,you actually get “SEX IN THE EYES” on seeing them?

We are aghast ,each of us at your comments more than the rapist himself and Mr Sharma ,why are you still practicing law .there are many lawyers in the country , go make one organization called “All India Rapists union” ,chair it and tell the time when we should be out else we get raped ,tell us the clothes that we should wear so that you did not get something in your eyes .

The BBC documentary was pretty average but you have emerged quite a favorite ,favorite to puke out choicest of abuses against you. A person who has brutally raped with not even a tinge of remorse preaches that they needed to teach a lesson to the girl who was out in the night with a guy .but A rapist who grew up in a slum with no  access to women in diff roles thinks their place is in the kitchen. You are surprised why? I am not because someone educated as you is there with their theory of “Women are like flowers”( to be torn apart just for a day) ,”Women are like sweets (to be consumed for pleasure ) and “Women are for sex ( to be ,arey.... ye to you already know).

Fate's way of uniting assholes - Of all the defense attorneys in India, what are the odds that a bunch of rapists go for like minded douches.

And then we have a government who mindlessly bans a movie and leave the rapists like you in the open .

Before i end ,let me tell you that we may not be proud of the Indian culture that you advocate ,but we are proud of that girl who was raped once by those beasts and twice when we heard you speaking . Being raped is not a shame ,people like you are .

Waiting for a reply (In words , Mr Sharma)

India’s another daughter