Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Friday, May 31, 2013

The unsung saga of 18tH ROYAL GARHWALI RIFLES

Indian National Movement: the longest struggle of freedom that any country in the world went through and what makes it all together different is its unique nature “Non Violence embedded with extremism” .Who were the real heroes? Gandhi? Bhagat Singh? Vallabh bhai Patel? They were the leaders ,what made the national movement successful was the participation of that common Indian man who believed in them,who actually thought that burning the foreign clothes would bring his/her country independence Yes it was these unnamed,unsung heroes that brought light to India in the midnight of 14th august 1947
In this post  we will talk about one such hero _18th ROYAL GARHWALI  RIFLES .the period was  1930 ,freedom movement was going through an inactive phase .On 25 april 1930 Events in Peshawar took a dramatic turn. Gaffar Khan’s Pathan movement (who were called khudai khidmatgars)stayed non violent ,but it attracted large number of pathans who joined them in the hope that they would free them of the clutches of exploitative moneylenders.In six months from 1929-1930 the congress membership rose to 50000 from 500 .The British freely used aerial bombardment and arrested Gaffar Khan
This led to a massive upsurge in Peshawar with crowds confronting armored troops and defying all laws leading to intensive firing at Kishakahani Bazaar .According to official estimates 30 were killed but the death toll in real was 250-300 .
  A remarkable incident took place .Two platoons of Second Battalion of 18th ROYAL GARHWALI RIFLES .all Hindu troops facing a Muslim crowd  ,refused to fire,broke ranks and fraternized with the crowd handing over their weapons they were later to declare before their court martial and were shot by canons on the charges of sedition

That was the passion to die for the country,that was the extent of Hindu-Muslim Unity  ,that was the junoon when people did not fear death and lets salute those real heroes …………Never ever forget their sacrifice…………sehar   


Monday, May 27, 2013

Train from.........PAKISTAN

Once again this story has its origin in a train ,it so happenned that I was on my way to my hometown & as soon as the train left Delhi ,I opened up a book and was engrossed in reading .Around me was a family with 3 kids who were howling & shouting &throwing things on floor,in short taking all the benefit of them being “the little ones” After an hour a voice said
“Maaf kariyega mohtarma,aapko in bachhon ke karan badi takalluf uthani pad rahi hai”
I said “ Nahi Nahi ye to chote bachhe hain” whereas in my mind I was thinking “Aisa kaun bolta hai yaar( who says like this )” and the well known human mind’s curiosity didn’t let me read ,I asked to the gentleman where were they going to ,got a reply “Nagpur” and then to Amravati . I said” coming from delhi?”
And got  a reply which solved the mystery of that urdu accent “ We are coming from PAKISTAN”
Pakistan??? I never knew Bilaspur Rajdhani comes from Pakistan .The gentleman laughed , told that they came to delhi and then are moving towards Amravati to visit a childhood friend  of his mother who is seriously ill
Friend?? Ok,our history books say once we were one and many of prominent activities of freedom struggle took place in lahore
After exchanging pleasentries ,I came to know that the gentleman Dr Shaukat was also a doctor and his lovely wife told me with almost a child like enthusiasm that her sister is also a doctor and was settled in Dubai .Why Dubai?i asked to which I came to know that Pakistan is still not a very progressive society when it comes to women working but then she also defended instantly saying things are changing and they would return back to their country to vote ,the first time for 37 year old Nagma
After some time I was offered “Peshaver ka halwa”,”khajoor ki kachori” and “lahore ka namkeen” which looked mouth watering but the logical mind screamed “You should not take any food from strangers” and the probability of risk grows when the strangers are from other side of border .Well I gave a look to the yummy food stuff and politely refused
The talks with Dr Shaukat revolved aroud the girl education ,medical field,exaggerating problem of power cut and it was refreshing to know from him that the youth wants change ,they want to get educated ,no politics of hatred ,want to work and bring about a change in the attitude of outside world towards their nation
Nagpur comes early morning,when they left ,bid a “Khuda Hafiz” ,mother of Dr shaukat kept a hand on my head and wished me”Barkat” from her Khuda Dr Shaukat and Nagma  wished me”behisaab khushiyaan” while I prayed for the good health of the Indian friend of the Pakistani lady
Off they went and with them went the “Peshawar ka halwa,Khajoor ki kachauri” from my eyesight,the train left nagpur and sleep was gone from my eyes .Suddenly I realised that in the pace of modernisation are we forgetting human values? As we have closed ourselves into AC Compartments have we closed the way to our hearts too??gone are those days when every journey to village in the sleeper compartment ,sharing the home cooked meals with strangers earned us friends to whom our parents used to send postcards?? And then the biggest question: who is more dangerous- a gang of men who can rape you in the light of a metro city, the sick people who ogle you when you wear a short dress and make you feel naked, a group of so called left wing extemists who kill their own men with such a brutality that can’t be judged in any parameter of humanity…….or a stranger family from a nation ,a neighbouring nation who is always portrayed as an enemy.If you happen to find an answer ,do let me know……….till then stay safe and keep the women around you too safe…..Seher
(P.S.- The views expressed in the blog are personal and if you happen to be a crazy lunatic under the mask of a patriot,please spare yourself from the difficulty of reading )