Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


A new channel called “ Zindagi” was launched and on repeated insistence of a Pakistani friend ,with heavy heart , I gathered the courage to watch a few episodes ( when it comes to serials ,I just can’t stand them) . So kahani yeh hai ki though I watched “ Zindagi Gulzaar hai” due to a writer friend from sarhad paar ,I  got hooked to it .

 Pakistan…………….is just like Us
We always have an idea of Pakistan where girls are not allowed to study because of fatwas, a land of terror where a gun is like a toy, but then Zindagi came as a fresh breath of air . There were college youth partying ,hanging out .Yes girls were attending colleges all decked up in western outfits ,they had crushes , love stories blossomed and yeah it was all normal.

     No…………NAHI! NAHI! NAHI!
The Pakistani   TV industry is richer than ours and I don’t mince words when I say that .Crisp content, no over the top drama, limited length of serial and sadly for the drama lovers – no scenes where actress turns and say NAHI! NAHI !NAHI !. Yes no punarjanma and no plastic surgeries, no dead man walking and no teej tyohaar.

     Why so limited actors by the way ?
We can see same actors being repeated in most of the serials, especially the character artists and I seriously want to know the reason behind it .is it lack of actors or acting still is not considered a great job ,a question which someone needs to answer for me please.

Zindagi Gulzaar hai
This serial needs a special mention in my list .Beautifully written ,strong performances ,a completely unusual pairing and a love story that melts like a chocolate. Zindagi Gulzaar hai opens up before you like a novel,keeps you hooked until you finish the novel and after that also you carry with yourself some lines that touched your heart.

Telefilm type format – A thing to imitate
Other than 24 and Yudha we don’t have any nice examples of short film type serials where just one story is told and not so many that the viewer forgets what he started with. It’s a socially networked age where a short film or video makes stars a million you tube views brought the unexpected fame to both Kolaveri and Gangnam style .So why don’t our serial makers get over this age leaps and sons of grandsons plots.

If you wanna become rich.........Join Civil Services
Civil Services is a much awaited job that side too :-) and if a poor protagonist want to change their destiny ,he/she has to join civil services. It may sound funny but doesn't it sound familiar.

 FAWAD KHAN………….Bus naam hi kaafi hai
This man swept the girls off their feet (count me in) with his chiseled look ,intense eyes and shy smile .Whoa man ,kaha the yaar ab tak. That young boy from Khuda ke liye will metamorphose into such a Hot man ,who knew this .You have a fan this paar too