Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday lunch with "SATYAMEV JAYATE"

Satyamev Jayate is the new talk of town,comes an episode and we start tweeting,sharing,updating status n suddenly for the whole nation Aamir khan is the hot topic of Sunday and why not he has come out with a brilliant show with issues that need to be raised,a time slot and choice of channel that is planned smartly,marketing that has struck a cord with the common man,a celebrity to whom we listen 'coz he is always associated with some kind of cause and last but certainly not the least added with some heart touching songs.But before starting our Sunday lunch just sit back n think -has he brought out a genie from the bottle ,has he told us something that we never knew. Of course not he has just showed us a mirror which has got a thick layer of dust called "India-The next big superpower"

We have our sunday special lunch with biryani and a dessert and we discuss"How cruel of that educated family to torture the daughter in law for a girl child",'OMG is this the condion over rajasthan n haryana" and in the evening we get a call from a relative  informing that some xyz's daughter in law has delivered a second girl child n we have a pity in our voice saying"Doosra ladka ho jata to achha hota ,parivaar complete ho jata chalo jo bhagwaan ki marzi" and with this mentality we come to a point of no return .I have worked in some interior villages of Rajasthan n let me tell you the situation is gruesome and i feared visiting those places just because i am a girl

We discuss how shameful it is to accept dowry n go gaga over that girl "rani" and her courage ,the big fat theories of self respect ,how 30000 girls in Punjab are dowry victims but hey are we really enlightened ,forget the seniors i know a friend of mine who is well educated and her hubby who is far better educated ,abusing her verbally n physically because she didn't bring the required quantity of gold and a call from a friend proudly declaring the huge amount he is getting as a dowry ,and when i asked the basis,he replied he is son of a MLA 

So its good to get "moved on" but worse if we "move on"the next day "Be the change you wish to see"and contribute your bit in eradicating these social evils and not only add a sweet dish to your Sunday lunch ,add sweetness to the society u live in
ending this post with a lovely song on the same show which is a message in itself............Kudos to Satyamev Jayate................Sehar

Monday, May 21, 2012


With due respect to the overtly active Indian Judiciary these days,just wanna ask Bombay high court judge what did he actually mean when he said "Sita followed Ram,why can't you?"
In reference to a case where husband filed a divorce case of his marriage of 11 long years when his wife refused to relocate to port blair with him and the judge said"A wife should be like Sita who went to forest along with her husband for 14 years"

Dear HC judge- i respect your authority but why are you being so judgmental?and you don't have any such "out of the world"advice for the "poor" husband?just go through any matrimonial pages and one common line u can find is "only professionals " or else "Need a convent educated,preferably doctor/CA/MBA ,fair complexioned............" and when you think you can't wind up your career all of a sudden and still carry on with your marriage successfully u get to hear words like this. i wonder what advice does the judge have for Army officer's wife or else IAS officers?????? 


Now that means that the next time  a husband abandons his wife  court may justify his action saying"Ram abandoned Sita,why can't he" and better for all of us that i don't carry my imaginations to "Draupadi"further.
as Mignon Mclaughlin once said"If you made a list of reasons why a couple got married and in the end why they got divorced ,man you would get a hell lot of overlapping"
Cheers to the lovely marriages n silly judgements(its all we can do other than to blog) ,well depicted by the ace cartoonist Satish Acharya

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The new mantra of revenge-UNFRIEND /UNFOLLOW

I have grown up with tales of female fans of Aamir Khan writing him love letters with blood,girls jumping up from terrace when Dev Anand went out in black outfit ,gone are the days when to overcome a heart break one used to immerse himself in drinks +ghazals .The iconic song which became the anthem of every guy who underwent a heart break "Achha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka"

Yes -the breakups ,stalking,one sided love have gone a generational shift in the way expressions are vented out.Recently i heard of a proposal my friend got n when she refused kindly she was unfollowed n removed from facebook friend list(now u can understand the origin of this post)

Take a bow the new proof of a great life -Social networking sites;gone on a cool holiday-post the pics,you are not in a happy relationships if your profile doesn't scream about it,you are not a popular guy/girl if your comment thread does not cross 50 or u don't have followers in 3 digits .Talking about the revenge mantra you are removed from friend list if you don't approve of a relationship request &OMG what a loss it is &whoa there is a book titled'Facebook Break Up Etiquette"so make sure u catch one before doing the same and does that story end there-of course not a recent survey shows that 90%of people in the age group 18-45 keep a stalk on their exes through these sites 

Psychologists say this is a type of social disfunction called F.A.D(Facebook addiction disorder) where we overlap our real and virtual life to an extent that we always need Facebook?twitter to express ourselves .Make sure you are not one of them ,get a life n move on as there is more to life than updates n along friend list................HAPPY LIVING :Sehar