Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Anisha is a young,confident girl .Coming from a small city&a humble
background,she completed her MBA from a reputed institute of Ahmadabad
&was recruited by a major consulting company of Mumbai.All excited
about her new job,the feeling of being a self dependent woman
exhilarated her With an over enthusiasm to perform to her best ,she
joined the company,but only after few weeks she started feeling sick
about the mere idea of dressing up for office.She could hear her male
colleagues passing"uncanny"&"sexual"

remarks loudly as and when she
passed by.Whenever she tried to confront them they behaved as if they
were having  a 'casual talk"this whole work environment made her
uncomfortable &she started getting irritated at silly things
Does this story of 'Anisha' remind you of your personal
experience,?then you are a victim of"sexism"Sexism is basically any
discriminatory practices,statements or actions directed at a
particular sex .A recent study by university of Florida said"with a
retention rate of 60%,sexism in workplace is happening even in today's
workforce where men &women are supposedly equal as far as
Sexism can come in many ugly forms. Smacking someone on the behind or
fondling them is one horrid form of this situation. Crude remarks can
also be uncalled for. This includes making tasteless jokes and saying
things that could bother someone else.
1) Publicly confront instances of sexism- directly challenging such
instances of sexism can serve as an antidote for negative
psychological effects-turning a negative event into an instance that
makes women feel better about themselves and their work, and even to
feel empowered,
2)Change Your Style to Match the Situation-We censor ourselves all the
time in different types of situations but this won't work speak louder
and make your ideas heard.  If everyone is interrupting each other,
start interrupting to get your voice heard. when you adopt the
dominate communication really helps
3)Be confident to say "no"-When you experience “casual” sexism,just be
confident to say "no"For example, if you are always getting asked to
complete a menial task, or accompanying  lunches or meetings, suggest
that the group rotates responsibility every month.  Make it clear that
you are not their secretary.&they should respect that
4)Talk to your seniors-let the higher authorities know that there is
some problems with the work culture
5)Know When To Leave -sexism is about drawing lines.  Every person has
their own line that they must draw, where on one side lie the things
they will put up with and on the other lie the things they will not
tolerate.  Every time that line is crossed, that person has the choice
to either deal or leave So if sexism is out of control in your current
workplace, by your standards, I would suggest leaving.  And then stop
working for companies that don’t draw their line where you draw yours
Find a company that aligns with your values, and you shouldn’t have
any more problems with sexism.
Sexism is still common but it should never be tolerated Don't stand
for it and make it known that you won't. We all deserve to be treated
the same. Equality is more than a word. It is the way we all need to
be treated..............sehar