Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Friday, April 9, 2010

life is to live

hi everyone
this is me-SEHAR n this is what i want to say WHAT A LIFE TO BE?
the most beautiful place is the place we live in n what exactly have we made it
tons n tons of nuclear weapons,enemity,terrorism is definitely not the picture we wud like to show to our coming generations
life is to love,to be concerned ,to share n above all TO LIVE
meet u again


  1. we have to show respect for the creation. and the best way is to live with love n care....well said pooja....

  2. "life is 2 live"... Hmmm, NICE 1 "DOC"... Sunne mein achha lagta hai...
    U all guyz r HAPPY wd ur LIFE, Dats y, U all wants 2 LIVE, Bcoz U alls've ur own FAMILY... But, I'vnt, So, I dnt want 2 LIVE...
    Bcoz in my views:- LIFE is VIRTUAL, Only DEATH is d REALITY... So, I LUV "My DEATH" only... :)
    Anyways, Realy NICE... Keep it up...