Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Saturday, April 10, 2010


hi everyone
i know u may be wondering what exactly i am trying to say thru this
yes one fine day we wake up from our cozy beds  into a lazy morning n we come to know that 76 jawans have lost their life in dantewada is this "what a life to be" so guys these are the real heroes of our country
a mother has lost his only son,an infant a father, a sister on the verge of her bidai lost her brother, a wife her life her husband n we have lost the real sons of soil
i sometimes try to admire n really cant understand from where comes this extraordinary courage,valor n patriotism its this deshbhakti that caused Major vikram batra to say"ye dil maange more"
its the patriotism that u can see in the innocent eyes of major unnikrishnan,in the strength of those CRPF jawans that went into the core naxalite belt so that we can live safely
why this hatred in the name of naxalism,millitants.terroristsetc ?why cant we live in a peaceful world where our brave men wud not have to lose thier lives just to ensure safety
so every indian salute these heroes
"there is no death, there shall be no death for those who move
onward,united in a spirit of unbeatable hope and courage
 "jab dosti ka diya in sarhado pe jale
jab bhul ke dushmani lag jaye sab gale
jab saare insaano ka ho ek hi kaafila


  1. Hats Off to all the soldiers :) and to you to get our attention where its really needed.

  2. mam please also involve those human rights NGO's.
    who favours naxilies.

    where are they know those white skin elephants,now they can't see the families of those 76 brave jawans.

    we are safe coz of those jawans grand salute to those man.

  3. Mam u have done a great job!! but the thing is that Maoists cannot be destroyed of finished by doing the Air Attacks...
    I want to aid that we have to find out the reason why the naxalism is spreading its wings and the wing is becoming so large day by day!! We shd find out the reason behind dat!! pls mention and do a research over that...
    One of the reason i can tell is that we the people and these Bhrast netas of our country has caused lots of miseries to those Scheduled tribes... we cudn't make them consistent and win there confidence, howcome those naxals win that... The Abujhmad by the name suggets that it is unpredictable, how cud those naxals get into dat and had the chats wid those ST(s)... we have to think upon this and i think that the Chhattisgarh Govt. is total culprit and responsible...

  4. @abhay-thanx 4 appreciating intelligent sugessions are always welcome its the youth like us that can bring a change