Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Friday, April 9, 2010


hey everybody
today i m going to talk about the most important man in my life-my dad
ya i am a daddy's girl
u know why ;cos he is my best frnd,coolest guide.a gr8 companion n above all MY FATHER
from the struggling days of him he never let us know what pain n emptiness he had been through being a child without parents
n when we have grown up to live our own life ,to write our own destiny he is happy to see that lil creature whom he used to feed with his own hand turn into a big bird n fly alone in a new sky
he is nervous, with the fear that wings may not open but never expresses it
ya dad u are in my life an angel, agod's blessing the best gift i cud ever have n 4 me the strongest n the ideal person who has always set an example before me
these lines are for u
"walk a little slower daddy
said a child so small
i m folllowing ur footsteps n
i dont wanna fall

sometimes ur steps are very fast
sometimes they are hard to see
so walk a lil slower
'cos u r leading me

someday when i m all grown up
you are what i wanna be
then i will have a child
who would follow me

and i want to lead him right
and knowing that i can't be u
so walk a lil slower daddy
'cos i wanna follow u
only u

luv u daddy n i may not have said this but u r the hero of my life
n u r bigger than god 4 me


  1. i am sure your dad is a very proud he has a gem like you :)
    Superb Writing :)
    God bless !!!

  2. @akansha-all inspired by u thanx a lot

  3. a very moving tribute for a father, from a loving daughter! i loved reading it:)

  4. Hats off to your dad-your friend, philosopher and guide. With slow and steady steps mentored by him you will definitely win the race of life. Good luck. I am sure your father too today would be reciprocating the sentiment in having such a wonderful daughter.