Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dilli...........Truly made of great

So the war between the zones is on. When it comes to zones and their respective cities, the city that came to my mind instantly was dilli.

What Drives Dilli...........Obviously its food

Delhites love their food, their street food in particular and the way Delhi has unlimited "the famous ones" to savour, this city is a foodie's delight
Chandni Chowk, often called the food capital of India, is famous for its street food. The variety consists of snacks, especially chaat.
If you wish to enjoy it, shed your high-brow attitude to soak in the flavours and delicacies. 

Refresh yourself with a delicious plate of hot jalebis - a sweet made by deepfrying batter in a kind of pretzel shape and then soaked in syrup. Also, don't miss the Jama Masjid area that buzzes with activity. 

Design of Delhi : Its timeless architecture

As you walk along the narrow bylanes of this city , tread softly. Every wall has a history behind, every chowk has a story to tell. Every yesterday is replete with events. The city has lived through wars and rise and fall of the great empires.

Delhi remains one of the oldest surviving cities in the world today. It is in fact, an amalgam of eight cities, each built in a different era on a different site – each era leaving its mark, and adding character to it – and each ruler leaving a personal layer of architectural identity. I
The old city of Shahjahanabad with the  Red Fort(above) and Jama Masjid (below), and in the bursting business street of Chandni Chowk(left) are witness to the glory of Mughals.

  British architects Sir Edwin  Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker were responsible for the construction of New Delhi as Britain's new imperial capital of India. The challenge they faced was to produce an architecture that successfully combined local traditions with a statement of colonial power. New Delhi's urban plan, with its emphasis on wide, straight roadways radiating like the spokes of a wheel from major imperial landmarks, was a direct expression of British control.

Connect of Delhi : Its Big heart People

Because of its geographical location, its dilliwallas are an impressive blend of tradition and intellect. They are known to welcome modern ideas, they protest any injustice,are modern not just in their style but in their outlook too.People belonging to various religious sects, castes and lingual groups live together, eat together and party together. 

Photo Courtesy-Hindustan Times

Dilliwallahs  rush to their workplace in the morning and return to enjoy their hearts out in bustling malls and colourful bazaars with their loved ones. Late night parties, media goof-ups, fashion fiestas, luxury..and all these blended perfectly with a sincere effort to preserve their rich culture.The best example of connect is that  Delhi portrays a positive kaleidoscope of myriad religions, who dwell in perfect harmony.

So this is what makes my city- Dilli, a truly great city. And does it not remind of the tata motors and their excellence in "Design", "Connect" and "Drive ". 

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