Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fighting the everyday blues..............The Ambi Pur way

When it comes to odours I remember an incident which I would like to narrate. It happened such we, a group of 15 friends  used to take a whole day physics tution classes from a teacher  just before our board exams .One day it was Sunday and we were writing tests, suddenly a bad smell crept in. Everyone of us had a nauseating feeling, it was so strong a smell. Suddenly sir came in and happily told us that a relative from Bangladesh had visited them and she was cooking a fish delicacy where fish was soaked overnight in yoghurt, his happy foodie expression showed that he didn’t care about the smell. But we did, it was bad but no one had the guts to say this to a strict sir.After a while when this odour became unbearable a boy stood up and said “ सर! इस बदबू में मछली पकने तक दो –चार लोग मर जायेंगे “(a few people would die till your fish dish is prepared).

Well the class was called off and the moral of the story is –bad odours of home may seem bearable to you but  they surely are one pushing factor for guests. So let me take you to the world of bad odours of home (Keep your handkerchief on nose).

1)   Smelly Socks
The most common cause of bad smell and in most of the cases the originator of the smell is unaware of the torture he/she unleashes on others.
Grand Ma said- Put kapoor in your socks, some people even apply deodorant on their feet.
The School of Smelly to smiley -  Spray Ambi Pur if you plan to wash these genocidal stuff.

2)  Smelly Shoes
Some homes should have a warning sign in front  because the different smelly shoes stacked together can make you puke out.
Grand Ma said- Put teabags overnight
The School of Smelly to smiley – How about a sash of Ambi Pur to make your guests smile.
Copyright- Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

3)  Smelly bathrooms
Ok, we all have witnessed the horror of horribly smelling bathrooms when some guests ,relative or any family member comes out of it, the urge to call a fire brigade is so strong but then we have to fight that odour. Doors are closed ,windows of washroom are opened and all attempts are made to not let that smell creep in our living area. Alas! It does and be equipped with our weapon called Ambi Pur to fight it.

4)  Unwashed Utensils
You had a party at home which crossed pass midnight and you are too lazy to do the utensils. You wake up to a tragic news that your maid has taken a sick leave today. You are late for office so postpone the washing part for evening and when you reach home after a taxing day you are welcomed not only with unwashed cutlery but also a strange smell of stale food all over. Before you put on that apron and ask your hubby to help ,spray Ambi Pur to ease the task.

5)  Rains and the dampness that ensues
Ok ,I love rains ,they all make us romantic, we wish for drives,dance ,full on fat fried foods but with all those Aaww moments rains bring with them the odour of damp walls, seelan ,clothes that refuse to dry spoiling the moment. You can always fight the odours and then take care of the rest.

6)  Clogged Sinks or Pipes
Sinks that are clogged or pipes that fail to succumb to the power of drain it give the most excruciatingly bad smell. Plumber seems like a God’s avatar in those dire times of need and do you realize what tortures us the most till the most revered plumber knocks the door, it’s the smell .Use ambi pur because it makes the odour disappear like it never was.

From Smelly  Disasters to Smiley Dens ,It’s the Ambi Pur that always comes for rescue.
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