Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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The Dutta family was undergoing a crisis like situation , the scorching heat of  summer and the general elections which were round the corner was what Tara had been waiting for, no not the heat but the elections in particular. The elections would definitely prove to be a big boost in her career and take her to the place where she wanted to be since the time she was the blue eyed girl of school of journalism. A prime time chat show, debate on national and international issues with A-listed participants is where she always aspired to be.
While she was lost in thoughts of her graduation days and the long chats she had with Shekhar over the glasses of tea ,she became nostalgic. Life was such at ease then ,love with common passions can be addictive and this is what happened when she first met Shekhar .The thread of her thoughts were pulled back with Roohi’s voice when she came running right into her lap  showing her the science project. Shekhar was busy these days with unplanned tours and long phone calls , the story on which he was working was straining for not only him but the whole Dutta family. While she was appreciating her little genius work , her cell phone rang. It was her boss, she picked up to which her boss in a hurried tone told her that she had to leave for Ferozabad right away as the minister in ruling cabinet was planning to attend the Maha Panchayat  and the channel expected some “breaking news” from this Maha Panchayat.
Tara tried calling Shekhar but his cell was as usual out of reach, Ferozabad was a sensitive place .Tara drafted a quick mail, sent a sms and went to pack her essentials. She explained Roohi that she would be back by the night and she should not wake up late reading blogs. Both the minister & Ferozabad were in news lately the former due to differences with the PM and the latter due to communal conflicts ,so the interests of news channels in this Maha Panchayat was obvious.
The media van honked and Tara picked up her bag ,kissed Roohi goodbye and rushed to the van ,the van door opened and she was shocked. In her hurry she had completely forgotten about her new talented yet the weird Photographer Jennifer. Jennifer was in her usual avatar – a military print cargo, black tshirt that said “ You are right,I really don’t like you “(How did her t-shirt know what was Tara thinking),a colorful stole ,big earrings , multiple wrist bands with quirky messages and neon colored shoes
Jennifer- Helloz Tara! All set?
Tara smiled , a smile that was forced and artificial. Instead she said to god” Can’t you make life a little easier for me. With Shekhar always travelling , Roohi is constantly on my mind and here is my camerawoman who seems to be a member of metal band!!!!
On the way to ferozabad while Tara was busy asking her friends to go and check on Roohie, Jennifer was clicking pictures of rural terrain popping up one chewing gum after another. Soon they were at Ferozabad at the Panchayat venue, thousands of people had turned up ,the whispers and mild arguments could be heard but people refused to talk to the media people .Some youngsters did try to speak up but on facing angry glances from the elders the decided otherwise. Woman seemed quite amused at Jennifer’s appearance and Jennifer completely enjoyed that showing her tattoo to the little anxious girls.
The Minister came on stage to speak and suddenly from the back of the surrounding trees ,a group of boys hurled up bottles towards the stage ,this unprecedented incident opened up a can of boxes .some youngsters ran towards the group but thousands of people came out of nowhere and fired in the air. This commotion led to total chaos with women and children running for shelter , minister was taken away by his security and police was trying to control the clashes with tear gas and lathicharge. Tara and team ran for their life but could not find any shelter, suddenly  the little girl to whom Jennifer was showing her tattoo called them ,they ran towards her and she took them to her home. Tara looked for her cell phone but could not locate it “SHIT! I must have dropped it in the ensuing commotion” she thought .Jennifer offered her phone to her,she tried calling Shekhar but again with no success
Outside loudspeakers blared that a curfew has been imposed ,she remembered Roohie and went out to talk to policemen to allow her van to pass by as it was important for her to return. Policemen denied saying that they can’t allow any one to move unless ordered by DM .Curfew would be relaxed for some time when state machinery comes over ,then she can talk to them. After 2 hours It was  dark and suddenly someone knocked. The girl’s mother opened the door and one police constable said he has got orders to let their van move out.Tara heaved a breath of relief.They thanked the family  and Jennifer said “ I want to pee” .Tara felt like shooting Jennifer at that moment ”with so much difficulty they were allowed to leave ,can’t this girl pee later”. The little girl told them that the toilet is in the backyard .Jennifer was going to the back side of the house facing the fields and Tara felt that she should accompany her as the situation was unsafe.
Jennifer ,opening the door “Yucks! This toilet has not been used for the ages”
Tara: Dear madam ,we will arrange a clean toilet for you in Delhi ,will you hurry up now?
While Jennifer went inside Tara leaned on the brick wall surrounding it,she wanted to go back to Delhi as soon as she can ,suddenly she heard two people talking
Man 1 : Call them and ask why they ditched us in the last moment,what about the plan?
Man 2: (dialing ) The plan was for sending 5000 armed men, where are the arms? Why don’t you people sent us everything as was planned?
Tara was shocked  ,arms? 5000  men? She wanted to know more as she sensed some controversy. Jennifer came out of the toilet humming a song. Tara signaled her to stay quiet ,went to her and whispered in her ear “Listen I need to know who are they talking on phone” Looking at Tara’s worried expressions ,she knew something was serious.
She asked Tara to move a little away , sat on the brick wall and started crying loudly. The two men noticed her and one of them walked towards her and asked her what was the matter.
Jennifer (crying more loudly) ;I came in morning as a journalist and in the conflict that happened in afternoon I lost my phone………………..she sobbed more .One man got worried, other was still stern. Jennifer knew this was working ,she continued “ My mother is seriously ill, I want to call her and it seems I have to stay in this home all night “
Man 1 :You can call from my phone
Man 2 : (Angrily) Lets go from here, it is none of our business………….Jennifer’s pitch rose she started crying again  
Man1 – its just a phone call ,we should help her and handed her the phone
Jennifer dialed a number ,talked to her mom and on disconnecting thanked them and gave a flirtatious smile to the first man.
She moved towards the front of that house, when the two men were out of sight she moved towards the van. As the van moved out of the barricaded and empty roads amid police patrols ,Tara asked her “ Is your mother seriously ill”
Jennifer: No,she died long back ,I dialed my boyfriend
Tara : U dialed your boyfriend ,with the phone of a person that I assume to be a miscreant!!!
Jennifer :The fact that you should know is he dialed an international number
Tara: How can you say that?
Jennifer : I am too smart Tara
Suddenly Jennifer’s phone rang, she read the message and said to Tara “OMG! Big discounts this season at Select City Walk, wanna check?”
Tara cursed her boss on giving her this camera woman, she calmed her thoughts “ Jennifer were you able to see that they dialed which country? “
Jennifer –Yup! Pakistan
Tara – PAKISTAN !!!!

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