Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Monday, December 10, 2012


A day comes in your life when you act foolish,weird ,the world seems falling in places and..........okk i would stop being melodramatic and narrate you a crazy"hairy"day which turned out to be torture

It just happened one fine day that i got an invitation for a conference in Goa (don't give me that look.yes it was a "conference"in Goa) and my marathon preparations started as if i was going for a kingfisher calender shoot 
The shopping,apparels,footwear was ready ,appointments for parlour were fixed and the adrenaline rush on just thinking about beaches,feni and a free bird environment was uncontrollable 
Out of the blue someone suggested that i should sport straight hair for the trip and here the story took a tragic turn .the hair presser was quite a costly affair and then one of my "Fashion conscious"friend suggested using iron for the same 
Ignoring the fact that when god created me he forgot to install a software called delicate hands,being careful and yeah you guessed it right i ended up with flicks of cauterized hair
Disaster 2: When the fashionista's suggestion gave me fizzled out,burnt hair i returneed back to the age old "Daadi maa ke nuskhe" my mom told me to apply a paste of banana,papaya and honey .I won't blame you maa.u said a paste and i just mashed them with hands and applied ,after an hour went to wash the hair and whoa the banana was badly stuck to my hair and inspite of washing it for hours it didn't come out properly .In between the long bath ,water went away and i suddenly realized i was in Delhi where water is priceless this day was not only turning out a disaster but a long one too .I rushed my maid to fetch some water from neighboring flats and she proceeded i could hear verbal abuses in her local dialect and to my utter helplessness i could not say anything
Finally managing to partially remove the banana pieces from my hair i came out from the bath only to find my dog sniffing in air trying to locate the source of fruity smell and this was only left for the day to complete
I rushed to the nearby salon unless my Goa dream turns into a nightmare where she oiled my hair and shampooed it with Sunsilk only to get that flawless,straight ,free flowing hair........and how could i miss that simple thing 
So Goa trip came to a start and i was pretty sure that my hairs looked fabulous after the three dreary episodes
Moral of the story -Don't ever follow the advises blindly,they might turn out to be torture

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