Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, December 17, 2012


The Idea : Its a story inspired by a real life story ,story of a girl and boy and their sweet romance which turns into madness when the boy turns into a soldier and the girl into a woman .A story of longing,a story of distance ,a story of waiting sleeplessly for your loved one,a story which is effected by war

What makes the story real ;the story is real for every soldier has a sweetheart ,every soldier has a love story ,every soldier has a memory of those days spent with his love ,kissing passionately and days spent in each other's arms ,for every story that is somewhere lost in glories of war

Extract :
Recalling back the old times when we met brings a cute smile on my happened so that we used to study in same coaching class and i have not yet said hi to the guy ,i knew a guy used to come straight from his badminton practice all in a mess and one fine day sir scolded me for not recalling some facts ,i had this “i don’t remember” look in my eyes and looking up our eyes crashed ,he smiled n his eyes said “chill ,it happens ” and we smiled…………….i still remember that smile
Suddenly from the next day he started coming well dressed and me wondering ;what happened to him? (much later he revealed that it was to impress me) *TING* and we continued our hi n byes
One fine day he asked me could i help him in his presentation ,i said yes why not (as if i was the only angel on earth) but reason was he was too cute to say no ,next day in class i gave him a paper saying i had jolted down the points which would help him and after an hour asked the permission from sir to leave early as i had a wedding to attend to ,he stood up in a second saying”sir i need to leave early too,have to work on presentation “.So we both left early with separate but imp works n had a talk in the parking space and were so engrossed in talking that later realised that the other guys from class were coming out and it just became clear that we were talking for full hour n actually we both had to leave early (Don’t giggle)…
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