Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, December 17, 2012


LIFE OF PI” – A movie which was strongly recommended by everyone and I always had a plan of watching it for I am an ardent admirer of stories of courage, will power, adversity ,no doubt my favorite show .on television happens to be"i shouldn't be alive" and ya the movies was so beautiful

This blog post is for an idea that I loved about the film – An Indian way of life in its pure and honest form avoiding being judgmental or criticizing .We all here are born and brought up in an environment that may seem mysterious to an outsider –Religion is an integral part of our life and so is science .We all have a mother in our family who warns us of all possible disasters that may occur if we don’t perform our morning prayers and a father who explains us that reasoning and science is the biggest god. We grow up. we form our own affinities, make friends from diverse religions and beliefs ,we counter, we debate ,we dine together over festivals still debating someone declaring he is an atheist ,someone a staunch vegetarian and somehow we fail to notice that religion in some or other way has slowly crept into our lives

And this is WE –we have been like this from the great Indus valley civilization like this only .we have our own set of superstitions ,our own favorite gods among the crores of them each having their own weird stories ,our own castes and preformed set of rules for clan n caste ,the system may seem to have weakened from ages but it still persists and its here to stay forever

With all our imperfections ,our flaws it’s the same country where science evolved in ashrams and gurukuls –be it medical science or the chemical ones and Life of Pi was all the more adorable because may be in a very small form –it showed the world a real and apt picture of Indian way of life .India is not only a country of child trafficking and” slumdogs” ,India is just not a country where you halt for “PRAYING” after eating and before falling in love ,India is not only a country of loud mouthed punjabis who dream to settle in Canada ,India is just not a country of weird NRIs it’s a place of some of the best brains and creative persons,India is just not a country of Kamasutra it’s a country of charaksutra too ……..its a country which is so deeply ingrained in spirituality but still progressing in the 21st century and that’s why I expect the global cinema to portray

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