Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday lunch with "SATYAMEV JAYATE"

Satyamev Jayate is the new talk of town,comes an episode and we start tweeting,sharing,updating status n suddenly for the whole nation Aamir khan is the hot topic of Sunday and why not he has come out with a brilliant show with issues that need to be raised,a time slot and choice of channel that is planned smartly,marketing that has struck a cord with the common man,a celebrity to whom we listen 'coz he is always associated with some kind of cause and last but certainly not the least added with some heart touching songs.But before starting our Sunday lunch just sit back n think -has he brought out a genie from the bottle ,has he told us something that we never knew. Of course not he has just showed us a mirror which has got a thick layer of dust called "India-The next big superpower"

We have our sunday special lunch with biryani and a dessert and we discuss"How cruel of that educated family to torture the daughter in law for a girl child",'OMG is this the condion over rajasthan n haryana" and in the evening we get a call from a relative  informing that some xyz's daughter in law has delivered a second girl child n we have a pity in our voice saying"Doosra ladka ho jata to achha hota ,parivaar complete ho jata chalo jo bhagwaan ki marzi" and with this mentality we come to a point of no return .I have worked in some interior villages of Rajasthan n let me tell you the situation is gruesome and i feared visiting those places just because i am a girl

We discuss how shameful it is to accept dowry n go gaga over that girl "rani" and her courage ,the big fat theories of self respect ,how 30000 girls in Punjab are dowry victims but hey are we really enlightened ,forget the seniors i know a friend of mine who is well educated and her hubby who is far better educated ,abusing her verbally n physically because she didn't bring the required quantity of gold and a call from a friend proudly declaring the huge amount he is getting as a dowry ,and when i asked the basis,he replied he is son of a MLA 

So its good to get "moved on" but worse if we "move on"the next day "Be the change you wish to see"and contribute your bit in eradicating these social evils and not only add a sweet dish to your Sunday lunch ,add sweetness to the society u live in
ending this post with a lovely song on the same show which is a message in itself............Kudos to Satyamev Jayate................Sehar


  1. Dr. sahiba, it is true that he hasn't brought any thing new that we didn't know, but the sincerity and integrity of his personality intensify the issues. Whatever campaigns he associates, he has brought value addition to it. I agree with you that more than his part, its people mentality which needs to change. But he will at least create awareness about these social evils more than any govt campaign. : Rahul

  2. @Rahul-first of all thanks for always posting comments and you are perfectly right when you say that when a celeb says we all listen at least someone may be an agent of change......keep reading

  3. Really an eye opener show !! Come on India JAAGO