Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, June 18, 2012

You can call him CRAZY ,i call him DADDY

Its Fathers day n yes i received a happy news that i won an online writing competition titled "family memories" n here is my entry:
We are a pets crazy family n yes it runs in our genes (don't count my mom though ,she is a complete no no when it comes to pets) .This memory goes back to two incidents n so different in time scales .It so happened that it was raining for continuously two days n the roads,canals, everything was flooded,no electricity (the time when there was no facebook ,so it didn't matter much ) .We were trying to float our "very bad in shape" paper boats to the canal that flowed at the back of our home n suddenly we saw three little kittens who were born just two days back clinging to a wooden piece which was just on the verge of floating with the stream and a cat,their mother trying to enter into water to save them but the strong water flow pushing her back,As is every child's habit ,we ran to Daddy as we always believe at that age he has the solution to every problem in the world n told him about the plight of kittens He came with us and after a brief thought ,he entered into water n let me tell u it was not a fresh water canal ,it was the main canal that took the waste water away from the town ,embedded in water till his stomach,he picked up them n brought home ,washed them with damp cloth and fed them milk with a small spoon,the cat looked at him adoringly ,so did we n mummy with anger ,as always obsessed with cleanliness she was instructing dad toclean himself,take a bath n then enter the house........till date neither has mum changed nor my dad

*Next incident of my crazy dad goes to the time when we lost our sweetheart puppy Tipsy.Tipsy was a pet dog ,she was THE MOST IMPORTANT member of my family (n yes this time my maa also loved her)she fell ill n refused to eat anything ,even when we tried feeding her chicken (okk,its a big thing in a brahmin family but for tipsy to eat ,we could have done anything ) ,even the veterinary doctors refused to do any miracle n those days our diner table was silentn only conversation we used to have was of cursing the veterinary science (not the doctor because he happens to be my uncle) n one sad day after coming from her veterinary visit,she was no more ,we were crying,i took her in my laps n sat for hours n in the afternoon my dad came from clinic n when he entered home,he could make out that tipsy was no more he took her in his lap n looked at her with absolutely expressionless eyes .It was decided that tipsy would be buried in my brother's factory area so that wild dogs won't dig her up n eat her body ,we went ,the labourers dig up a big hole ,tipsy was gently pushed inside and the worker started to pour mud over her body and suddenly my daddy who was silent all this time,screamed "Don't pour mud over her face ,it would hurt her eyes" n yes he cried ,cried like a little baby who was lost in a crowd ,completely unaware of people around watching that its the same Dr Saheb whom we look up to always is crying .Next day our maid came to work and she said to me ,"In the slum colony,the talk of the day was ,how Dr Saheb was crying "

There you are standing as tall as an oak tree when I am small

You stand over me guarding my actions and catch me when I fall

When I reach the teens you are there

giving me your knowledge and wit

and although the times get tougher as i grow you never ever quit.

as I reach adulthood I start to do things on my own

wondering how you did it from the time I was born until I was grown.

Then I remember all you have done for me throughout the years

Remembering you were there for me through the happy times and the tears

I am happy you are my Dad

It makes my heart feel merry and glad.

no other person could ever take your place

And i realize this as i look into your face

This Fathers Day I want to honor you

For all the wonderful things that you do


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  1. awesome....i hv seen your love to your Dad personally.this blog is reflection of that. i admire it. the command over language, the flow, the feeling, everything is just awesome. keep posting