Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The new mantra of revenge-UNFRIEND /UNFOLLOW

I have grown up with tales of female fans of Aamir Khan writing him love letters with blood,girls jumping up from terrace when Dev Anand went out in black outfit ,gone are the days when to overcome a heart break one used to immerse himself in drinks +ghazals .The iconic song which became the anthem of every guy who underwent a heart break "Achha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka"

Yes -the breakups ,stalking,one sided love have gone a generational shift in the way expressions are vented out.Recently i heard of a proposal my friend got n when she refused kindly she was unfollowed n removed from facebook friend list(now u can understand the origin of this post)

Take a bow the new proof of a great life -Social networking sites;gone on a cool holiday-post the pics,you are not in a happy relationships if your profile doesn't scream about it,you are not a popular guy/girl if your comment thread does not cross 50 or u don't have followers in 3 digits .Talking about the revenge mantra you are removed from friend list if you don't approve of a relationship request &OMG what a loss it is &whoa there is a book titled'Facebook Break Up Etiquette"so make sure u catch one before doing the same and does that story end there-of course not a recent survey shows that 90%of people in the age group 18-45 keep a stalk on their exes through these sites 

Psychologists say this is a type of social disfunction called F.A.D(Facebook addiction disorder) where we overlap our real and virtual life to an extent that we always need Facebook?twitter to express ourselves .Make sure you are not one of them ,get a life n move on as there is more to life than updates n along friend list................HAPPY LIVING :Sehar

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  1. very true...good analysis and understanding about what transition our generation is going through...keep it up: Rahul Kumar