Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We Breathe CRICKET

Sachin nearing his 100th ton at the Asia cup match against Bangladesh and the whole country went crazy,social networking sites were bombarded with tweets,status updates,pics and what not.Suddenly the whole country was divided into two categories -

1)Sachin is God types-For every second Indian ,Sachin is god of cricket ,join this community and you would find many loyal friends always there to protect you in any war of words.They have some easily identified symptoms-change their DP to that of Sachin whenever he hits a century ,become hell of creative when admiring sachin ,MINDD ITTT if you even utter a word for Sachin's retirement (okk if you are wondering,i belong to the same category)

2) Sachin Should retire types- so they are the ones who keep on advising that Sachin should retire time n again and yes they are not Sachin haters(that's blasphemy in India) but every time Sachin replies them in negative and they are hell of war of words with the former category ,logic pe logic but no one cares.Their community is small (and some of them are hard core "Dada"fans too) ,but let me warn you they are very adamant

Rahul Dravid retires and we fill up the pages with tributes n videos and yes Mr wall of Indian Cricket ,you rightly deserved it for you personified the Gentleman's game in a true sense 
,there are no categories for Dravid never lets anyone give him advice ,you may not be a Dravid Fan but you would always adore this Superb player and a great human being 
"my approach to cricket was relatively simple ,it was about about holding the dignity and upholding the spirit of game.I hope i have done that,i leave with sadness and pride"
We would miss you too 

So we are a country that BLEEDS BLUE ,we eat cricket,we breathe cricket and with IPL around the corner we have more n more reasons to celebrate .Delhi is a diverse city when it comes to ,fun ,so how come cricket would lag behind and as a hard core delhite who loves Delhi ,i am supporting Delhi Daredevils........ready for the challenge?


  1. What a great command over language..nice article..brillintly written.

  2. Mature n well written article..i am amazed n motivated