Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Sunday, March 18, 2012


No neither i have gone insane ,nor my blog account has been hacked-its my new post
It just happened one fine day that i was travelling by metro and as a matter of habit i was observing the guys n girls around (to look for the new fashion trends of Delhites of course ) and then i heard a very interesting piece of conversation and here it goes :
Girl 1(with colored hairs and a huge tattoo of goddess Durga over her arm) :Hey dude,this is my friend Neha
Girl 2 (Neha of course,with all possible piercings that just demarcates her from a tribal woman) :Hey hi Rahul,she has been discussing 'bout you a lot........ of course nothing personal  *giggle*
Boy : Hi Neha!so what are you doing these days?
Neha -Mass Com.
Boy-From DU?
Neha- No way,not even in my dreams,they are so padhaku types and I am doing it from the most fundoo college J***
Boy -Thats Journalism na?
(Poor boy his meager chances of being a super cool faded at that very instant)
Neha- Puhleeezzzzzzz!!!!!!(with an expression that dental surgeons make on examining a patient with bad mouth odor ),
journalism is so HOLY SHIT &mass com. is so AWESOME SHIT

Welcome to the Generation X who have a Facebook terminology,SMS vocabulary which ranges from LOL,ROFL, STFU, Puhleez ...........You can easily find the girls saying"I toh love this bag,its so damn sexy"""""if you are a parent of a teenager who has lost his sleep pondering over your son?daughter's language ,let me decode a few for you:
SEXY is nice for them,COOL is what everyone wants to be these days,these days you are not in a relationship ,you are HOOKED ,remember they are cursing you when they say F*** YOU ,KICK IN THE ***,SCREW YOU
Need to stress upon a fact:add a DAMN ,even better if you prefix a SO ,Some hindi terms are also considered cool as if Smoking is so ancient,SUTTA LAGANA is what counts
You don't drink you actually GET HIGH or BOOZE OFF

Writing this post i remember my bespectacled high school English teacher who used to deduct my precious 0.5 or 1 marks even if i wrote "&" in place of "and"and once my principle made me spell "Sewing" a 100 times for a perfect pronunciation 
In this hyper connected world where many 'Tweet before they act',updates their facebook status even before they pick up a brush in morning ,this radical change was doomed to come

Life is like a Maggi Noodles thee days -instant and quick &to match that language had to change a little In this generation rabbit won't loose the race as he won't be sleeping,rather tweeting and even tortoise wont be behind ,he would be following rabbit's updates 
Well no hard feelings for anyone ,i toh enjoy listening this super cool language and with every passing generation there occurs a change in language ,who knows they would find themselves a place in dictionary too
No moral policing on the language that we speak.........if saying "awesome shit" makes you happy,say it with a bang............Love ................Sehar


  1. Superb Dear. It all reminded me of my school Days...

  2. You know... co-incidentally I saw 2 girls today in my cafeteria... overheard them actually. One told a joke (it was actually funny :) ), and the other girl just said "LOL". Yes you read that right... she didn't even bother laughing, let alone laughing out loud.

    The older Brits must be experiencing a slow & painful death each day as they see their language being... ahem... humiliated (I shouldn't use the intended term, eh). But, your view about being happy about the "language massacre" holds true if one ain't worried about being right. I use sms & chat lingo as & when required. But I, being a lover of words, don't want my expressions to drown in the pseudo-cool jargon.

    I sensed a free-spirited girl writing this blog. The observer, not the changer. Appreciate what you wrote.
    Much love <3

    PS: Even I used to get penalized for half a mark for using an ampersand (&)... :)

  3. @shivang-you are right ,we sometimes feel bad about the gradual adulteration of language but also we should stop blaming the younger generation for the same
    if they like being a gibberish speaker let them be
    and whatever amount of remix form it gets ,pure and poetic language would always have its religious followers like you &me