Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I have been working on my Sakshaat column since last three-four days but found something really interesting to share today in Bihar so this short and a quick post.

Today when i took a rickshaw to office i found it cooler than other days, a happy me peeped outside but a burning heat welcomed me. I looked at the rickshaw that i was sitting in  and yo ..........found a desi innovation .This rickshaw wallah had put up a bamboo superstructure from the rear end of rickshaw going upwards over his head and ending in the front handle. To this bamboo structure was tied a cotton bed sheet like a tent, before i sat in this man sprinkled a water on bamboo structure and yes by capillary action the cotton sheet absorbed it and gave a cooling effect. That is not all ,he even has a polythene sheet rolled up in corners which can open up and stretched if it rains .

Now this is what i call a real JUGAAD. Who said innovations occur only in labs.

Here is the pic of Jitendra Yadav , 34 ,Patna ,Bihar
P.S- He was too shy to pose and one reason for this unclear pic is it was horribly hot outside when i stepped down from Jitendra's AC compartment.



  1. It happens only in india...
    Still we look towards west for their support in R & D.
    I think we should create a JUGAAD CITY having all these small & unsung innovators in one place, so that it can become a tourist spot as well as proud capital of our country...:)

  2. @Shreyas - Yeah ,i actually thought this that at the grassroots many many innovations are happening which we don't know about. We should give them a platform if possible so that they don't get lost in battle of bread and butter

  3. All know bihari have JUGAAD Mind, than why people call us backward class.