Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Monday, February 9, 2015


SCENE 1 : A public toilet ,yes a ladies toilet with all the artists come alive portraying the two most important organs ,sorry two only organs of a female body ……..go demolish those damn toilets
SCENE 2 : A college class room , a medical college classroom ,where mortal men and women are turned into immortal gods i.e. Doctors filled with artistic demonstration of what you call a still porn with all the “F” word splattered around. ( don’t argue with me over that ,if you fail to notice I have a Dr before my name ) . Go ban those slutty doctors ,find them out and crucify.
SCENE 3 : A person hits someone’s car from behind and then what you hear in full public view is BEEP !BEEP! BEEP …………….how about shooting them at first sight.
SCENE 4 : The great Indian laughter challenge and comedy circus are a hit ,the misogynist ,sexist, racist and gender insensitive Masti makes hundreds of crores…………..Go burn the prints and the actors too.
SCENE 5 : The bazaaru literature with all the expletives and sex scenes are a kind of bestsellers ,I believe someone must be reading them?.............NO ,oh don’t murder me then.

What I am trying to say here is that its not like that we are a cultured ,complete no no society and AIB as an external force comes and destroys our values ,values which we may not have been preserving but indeed boasting since centuries . Before stating my opinion on the debate,let’s get our basics right ,all these jokes ,all these vulgur stuff were already flourishing in our society before AIB came out in open. We were finally "saying it in public what we say in parties " Rohan Joshi summed up the show.They were not saying something "alien" to us.But yes their breakthrough was making everyone uncomfortable by initiating a dialogue in public in a language that we have conveniently confined to our private spaces .Their sword was humour, the kind we indulge in with our friends. Stand up comedy is a form of resistance, resistance against "Don't say it Loud "culture.

I believe that they came out on you tube because they could not show it anywhere. You always have an option of closing the browser window if you feel offended. The rise of twitter and the fall of facebook in itself points to the thriving force of social media- Freedom ,freedom to say ,Freedom to vent .Have we become so intolerant a society that thoughts which are not in sync with the majority find a way out. The web based medium of you tube and short movies are a platform to have your own voice away from the state censorship.

The dispute is really the fact that the state cannot be selective about such actions. Threat to freedom of expression is the most disgraceful thing to be happening in the world’s largest democracy that takes pride in its fundamental rights of citizens.In the land of origin of Kamasutra ,the threat to creative freedom will kill any art that does not cater to the principles of majority.Even an criminal is given a chance to prove his innocence ,so why this ektarfa onslaught on artists?
The humour on the AIB Knockout was sharp and yes it was profanity.Should it have been diluted a little?I think No, you think Yes but do they really care what I and you think. I’m not advocating their idea of humour or roasting .The word roasting itself is self explanatory,its roasting someone ,insulting and making fun of . AND PLEASE AKBAR AND BIRBAL DID NOT ORIGINATE ROASTING (A right winged person tweeted me this most idiotic thing)  but intent and context are two crucial aspects to be kept in mind when one discourses upon what is it that constitutes the funny. Say they were bad, scorn them. Yes I accept that I won’t see it with my parents. But by maintaining silence on this whole issue of the video made to remove , you are letting someone snatch what we try to always clutch on –Our freedom
“If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.”

P.S. - Hats off to Hiroo Johar for being in the audience when Karan was at his Gayish best.

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  1. I really appreciate you standing for freedom of speech and people always had choice to close their browser any time , but as a vibrant society if the same outcry came for the topic as this editorial talks we can have more meaningful debate in society.

    again its every one choice to choose their topic to air their opinion.