Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Saturday, March 8, 2014

For Every Woman Counts

Women make the world beautiful
Once upon a time there was one quintessential Indian woman wearing other’s choices , a demure creature letting the men folk of the house take the lead, take the decisions that may be affecting her life in a long term. No matter she was facing sexual abuse in the protected environment she stayed, emotional abuse at the relations she was known by and her only talent  was to suffer in silence.
Take a look around at the bus stops , metro stations ,roads you can view endless number of women smartly dressed managing work with family, supermoms  breaking the shackles ,participating in a wave of change that is swept through India .No I don’t claim that every woman is empowered but then be it a small percentage these are the makers of modern India.
No this change was not sudden, the first was economic reforms, IT revolution that created Jobs from hospitality to beauty .The opening up of economy and entry of  MNCs brought a culture where women were given an equal status at the work place. Secondly the western influence Sushmita sen crying after winning the Miss Universe title and South Africans cheering for Aishwarya rai for the miss world title was something that opened the windows of dreams for the common middle class girl.
While economy provided opportunities it was the family support that led them to break all academic records year by year in every sphere. They were everywhere from IITs to Space science ,from movies to trekking and its not just the urban lot .In rural India women are there in Panchayats ,local bodies they have formed Self Help Group andare enjoying  their share of development pie   
The girls like Sania Nehwal ,The heroes like Laxmi (Against Acid Attack campaigner ) , The writers ,the girls protesting against Gang Rape  ,the common girls running the “Pink Chaddi campaign “ ,social activists ,the MLAs, MPs ,CEOs of multinationals  are the faces of the new and vibrant  India

Frantz Fanon “ A modern woman is the one who literally forged a new place by her sheer strength ,where men’s words were no longer law and where women were no longer silent”

Can you find this modern woman? Look around – you have a mom who is a perfect home maker , a sister who has similar dreams of a great career as you , a neighbor who runs a beauty parlor  , a maid who tells you that she wants to educate her children ,the salesgirl at the  malls , the  woman in uniform unknowingly doing this for a better India and they are the ones who truly deserve wishes for a  #Happy International Women’s Day