Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Its Delhi's 100th birthday,celebrating 100 years of this magnificent city where ancient &modernity have entered into a wedlock.On 12 dec 1911 was held"Dilli Durbaar" &as India awoke to freedom &life at the stroke of midnight hour city of Delhi underwent several dramatic changes in topography,typology ,demographics&culture. If you visit any state of India you would be welcomed by a distinct aura of ethnicity surrounding it that is distinct to that place,but when it comes to Delhi,its a perfect example of multiculturalism blended into a lovely cohesion where"Delhites"limits itself to the cool guys n gals .Delhi actually belongs to everyone ,its ethnicity is Indian &is completely"Desi"by heart .You are left amazed of the infrastructure that goes taller day by day&the Delhi girls who never cease to be prettier.Ask someone for directions &you would get a bonus of information on whats the coolest eating joint nearby!believe me Delhi is a crazy foodie by heart,it proudly boasts itself of the best restaurants with international cuisines as well as the most amazing street food &that explains that noone complains of crowd n traffic jam when "Praratha wali gali"is nearby .So take a break from FDI disaster.Sibal being a net nanny&rehearsal for the upcoming "Mai Bhi Ana"movement &celebrate 100 years of a city that celebrates&reinvents itself daily .A saga of Power,conquests n revolts ,a city that has seen its transition from the mighty Indraprastha of pandavas,shahjanabad &dilli of mughals to Lutyens 'New Delhi-its a city of Power,Politics,Food,Fashion along with a dark underbelly:HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY DILLI/DELHI                                  

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  1. Bilkul Sach hai....
    yeh Dilli hai mere Yaar, bas ishq mohabbat pyaar