Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

ALEPH.........'coz Life is the train not the station

If you have opened this post in hope of reading a book review of 

Paulo Coelho's latest novel"Aleph" ,sorry to disappoint you ,its 

an attempt to rewrite a personal experience .My encounter 

with literature when my date with comics ended up started with 

"Dr Harivansha Rai Bachhan's :Kya Bhoolo Kya Yaad 

Karu"&from that age i have a penchant for reading 

autobiographies or personal experiences as has been very 

rightly quoted "The act of writing with serious intent 

involves enormous personal risks"

The great writings are those that are written with all 

honesty &to put it more flatly with all the guts &no 

doubt "Aleph" stands tall in that .A tale about love 

without the boundaries of time&space,a tale about 

believing in yourself,a tale about forgiveness &above all 

a tale that above moral policing takes you above fair -

unfair to strengthen the bond of marriage

We all have an aleph moment but somehow we fail to 

realize it in the race from past to present to future but 

always remember :Each new experience of love has 

nothing to do with past 

experiences,its always new 

It takes you to a new journey of 

spiritual search where acts of 

compassion & 

selflessness,forgiveness n inner 

peace are its characteristics .

Writing is spiritual for me ,

,dancing connects me to the god

Read &experience aleph ,encounter your fears 

&shortcomings not only because "Each end gives us an 

opputunity for rebirth"but also to always keep in heart 

that "Life is one long training session,in preparation for 

what will come.Life &death lose their meaning,there are 

challenges to be met with joy &overcome with 


Wishing you your moment of aleph :

"Eternal fires light moonless nights

while love flickers in the shadows

embraced by guarded secrecy

from ashes of surrender".........sehar


  1. Dear Dr Pooja, so well expressed and written as well. Nice to read your feelings, your emotions. Tc..

  2. Pooja, you are right..Daily we experience different encounters in our lives,where we find our joy of living ,so there is no end of the path, everyday we choose a new road and walk effortlessly without looking behind. There's Aleph in everyone of us.

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  4. Dr. Pooja,

    I accidently deleted my earlier comments. Here they are again:

    Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts, your Aleph. They arrive at a perfect time when I am struggling with a particular scene in my MORNING SUN. But I feel a lifting and the words forming with strength.

    Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều,

    P.S. In answer to your tweet about an hour ago: for me, passion becomes stronger each time fear is embraced and released. It has been this way for me on my writing journey. True passions may evolve and find different ways to express what is in our hearts. But the core of our true passions does not change. Dare to dream.

  5. @anwar & 2minakshi-thanks for being a regular reader on my blog i really appreciate it
    @keith-i read your post about"aleph"long back...nice read
    @fourdaysaweek-mia,its always a pleasure to see your comment &what a way to describe passion.thanks again