Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, May 9, 2011

i wish to smile,to laugh ,to grow up...........i wish to LIVE

April 29th-the day of WILL-KAT wedding ,the much covered ,the much publicised day (and to be honest i was also eager to know what would be the wedding gown like or rather how"BIG"the royal wedding would be)but in all this frenzy ,we forgot that april 29th is also "WORLD WISH DAY"
So as a member of "MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION" we decided to celebrate this day to make it a memorable one for all the little children associated with it
Lots of gifts,few bicycles , a magic show n whole lot of games made this day a beautiful day.The children arrived ,all accompanied by their parents,siblings &they looked so pale,thin ,friable,anyways i interacted with a few of them taking care not to bring about the topic of their disease because i knew that if they are here it means that asking about the diseases would only add to my dictionary of dreaded diseases and we were there to rejoice
i came to know about the funny yet "the wish"of everyone ,a boy wanted to be "sachin tendulkar"(dont mistake yourself for meeting Sachin,he actually wanted to be one ),a boy "Vivek"wanted a laptop &when i asked him why ,he said he wanted to learn "Hacking"(so all those facebook freaks out there,including me ,this boy was leaukemic)
We painted ,we sang &the children were superb with crayons
The magic show started n the magician showed them tricks with everyone clapping to his tricks but what amazed me the most that every child wanted to learn the trick in which magician would wave his hand in air n bring out coins &asking about why did they wanted to learn this trick in particular they answered "we won't have to ask for money for having chocolates n candies from mummy",the children received many gifts from bicycles to cricket kit for our"junior sachin"n everyone seemed happy
The day ended& having dinner with"Mehak",this cute,lovely girl whose wish was to "walk the ramp like a professional model",i told "Mehak"-when i was 9 years old i never knew what a model was,she said"i know about many models didi n this also that i won't be able to grow up to your age,mummy says i have to go to visit God n i am the lucky one"
kissing her ,i said"you would be the most prettiest model ever beta",the thought came to my mind "DO THEY REALLY WISH FOR MEETING A CELEB,WALKING DOWN A RAMP ETC,OR DO THEY WISH TO SMILE,TO LAUGH ,TO GROW UP .............TO LIVE
"Dry your eyes and cry no more
Your dreams await on nearing shores

A hand extends from someone near
To cast away doubts and fears

It's time to start a life anew
With changes for the both of you

Cling not to the things you've had
Reminders of a time so sad

So rise above the mire and silt
And free yourself of fear and guilt

Question not the things unknown
Just please accept the love you're shown Trust in things you can not see
And maybe you'll believe in me

And now before you here i stand
just make a wish &;hold my hand".............sehar


  1. vry touching...its lik a hope whn eveythng turns dark...kip spreading love....hemal..

  2. live lif lik a kid...only more tears

  3. Love and innocence go hand in hand, one cant exist without other..... I din knw you were writing such a nice blog ..... else i ld hv nt,.........:(

  4. I call myself an optimist, but you know Pooja, I'm a very cynical man. I never trust anything or anyone very easily. I have grown up to be so. I daresay that I always felt that kindness is never unconditional. But Now there is at least there is one person that I know in this world who has a heart of Gold. My dear Pooja... I salute you for what you do. I give you loads of best wishes for your selfless endeavors. I'm honored to have you as my close friend. Godspeed.

  5. what a heat touching experience !!!!!
    n loads of best wishes for all of ur such endeavors....

  6. Dr. Pooja,

    What a wonderful post and beautiful poem to go with the beautiful children and their wishes. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.


  7. @hemal-thanx for joining this blog n leaving so lovely comments behind
    @Mia-i always gain inspiration from your writing Thankyou for everything
    !shivang-you are a frnd beyond words ,whenever i need someone to make my morale go up its always you close frnd
    !saurabh-no need to regret .you were correct as far as the crucial time is concerned.thanx again
    @neha--i always know that your best of wishes accompany me always
    Love to all