Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Friday, April 1, 2011


so i am back with a story of "me",a story of a day that changed my life to an extent ,made me friends with some marvelous persons on planet .I am a religious follower of "Paulo Coelho's blog"&always comment on its stories &one day i received this E-Mail:

"         Dear Dr. Proja
I prefer to post your story as my "Reader's story"  later this week, that is why I did not approve the comment
I am copying to my good friend, also a warrior of the light, Priya, who will make the necessary corrections.
Thank you for sharing

and my mail box flooded with mails,of all the readers &avid followers of Paulo's blog

i thanked paulo &he replied"Thank you for sharing the story. you are not only a beautiful soul,but a good writer too(went through your blog"

what more could i ask for,here was my favorite writer appreciating me.I replied to all the 20000 mails that came to me,sharing a few here
1)kalyan"read your story in Paulo's blog and it did really touched me in heart and i really felt so happy That i cannot express in words. You are a such a nice humble human , inspiring us all . Thanks for sharing and caring and showing us all angels still exist 

2)Erika-your story was inspiring
God bless you forever!!!
3)Bhawesh"This is Bhavesh here from Ahmedabad. Really nice story. I am really impressed. Tell me if you need any help whatsoever. and also let me know if you are planning same kind of thing for Ahmedabad. 
4) May the universe smile upon you & your wonderful work to help women become independent AND to build up their self-esteem, their dignity, their ability to pass these things on to their children.
 With great respect & sincerity,
 Kimberly Bennett
Wife, mother, writer, lover, friend
5) Emily-" support the work which are doing.  God bless your life path.
6)Aiman"  read your story on the Paolo Coelho's blog. Thank you for doing what you are doing for those women in need. It does not matter where we live, what our citizenship is, because every country, be it developed or not, has the problems of not being helpful enough to women who do really need help.  I am very happy that there are still people who want to help others, who try their best to inspire and support people they do not know much about.
I am only hoping that the number of people who want to help those who are desperately looking for a job or a shelter will grow on our planet. 
I want to wish you best of luck and may God bless your deeds!  And thank you for sharing your story with others!
7)juliekruger"Thanx  for showing us that we humans can do wonderful things if only we try i have  just read your story and you are an inspiration to me . thankyou
8)francesco bianchi"hi Dr Pooja,wrote about your story in a Spanish newspaper,with the title"a young writer ,pure soul &a beautiful girl...from all my readers want to say THANKYOU
9)and lastly but indeed a very special person"MIA T STARR",an amazing writer&a great friend with a golden heart I wanted to email you directly and share with you what I had just posted at PAULO COELHO's blog in response to your reply to mine regarding your story, TWO CHOICES IN LIFE:
On the eve before fleeing my homeland in April 1975, I was struck with a mysterious infliction (some kind of severe, internal bleeding and clot). Some at the hospital announced I only had a few days to live. Others with my condition had already died. My father refused to believe in this fate for me, refused to give in to the despair swirling around him. He was not alone.
There was a young, female doctor who performed an immediate surgery on me to remove whatever it was that stood in the way of my breath and caused blood to pour from my mouth. I was four years old and one of the few memories I have from that time in the hospital was being in a room full of sick and dying children and thinking, “I am not going to die. Not today. Not here.”
Doctors like you make a difference. Hope makes a difference.
Thank you to you and to all the doctors out there saving lives. As we say in Vietnamese, cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều. Thank you so much."a pleasant gift from Mia &i was honored 

The list doesn't end thankful all for being so kind &it would  certainly be one of the most precious memories of my life &why not"DREAMS DO COME TRUE" 
I'm constantly blinking my eyes trying to stay awake
I feel like I'm fallen and I know I better awaken
I'm constantly reminiscing on what are the meanings of my dreams
My dreams are beyond an ordinary dream
In my dreams I have already been here and there
I feel like I'm trapped in a cage
Because it continues to leave me puzzled like a maze
I feel like in life it is meant for us to dream
Because dreams are what bring life to reality
All I know is I must awaken before life passes me by
Because I pray when I die I get to live in the sky.......sehar


  1. of the marvelous, beautiful person on the planet earth..I'm very lucky enough to meet her thr online. Now, she becomes one of my best friends , whom I never forget for the rest of my life.


  2. Dr. Pooja,

    I am deeply touched. This post was a complete surprise to me. Thank you so much. Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều, my friend.

    Wrapping my arms around ((you)).

    With much love. May we meet one day in India ❤


  3. Having been in communication with Pooja all evening, I can only say I agree with Paulo, she is a beautiful soul, who radiates an outer beauty, and she is a good writer. As my lovely friend Iva with who I was chatting later would say (and says of me), she is a typical Aquarian.

    - Dreams do come true

  4. Hello ,DR.Pooja I am so happy for you that you are making such a big impact and amazing part is you respond to each and every one of your readers ...

    I still remember the day I mailed you Immediately after reading your post on paulo's blog ! It was a emotional moment and I am glad to get to know a person like you !

  5. Dr. Pooja, this is simply amazing.. True that " Whenever you truly aspire for something,whole world conspires you to achieve that"-PAULO COELHO "..
    Even the start from a small change is after all a change only.
    I want to share with you a very small instance that I have been lucky enough to have a teacher in my life, now my loveliest friend cum mentor cum guide namely Kavita Dwivedi Chiplunkar. Last year I happened to be at her home in Bangalore and after staying with her for few days I seriously found my path.. She has that charismatic persona.. I admire her a lot.. And true that few are there who can in real terms inspire someone.. So is you making and bringing changes in lives of others.. Keep moving on..

  6. Dear Dr Pooja, so beautiful! A pleasure getting to know you through FB and your inspirational writings!! Radiating such love and caring. The world and those around you are blessed. With Love, and a warm embrace... Jane

  7. @Sandeep.@Mia,@minakshi,@kalyan @Keith @Jane-Thankyou all for soo so lovely comments on my post
    Iam obliged
    god is kind upon me that i am able to meet such angels like you all through the world of web
    Love you all
    Dr Pooja

  8. Gratitude love and blessings Sehar, a joy getting to know you!!

  9. u r awsome.......knwg d another side of pooja tripathi.SEHER ...u rvry inspiring hats off to u dear

  10. Hello Pooja,
    Stumbled upon your blog through Paolo Coelho's.
    Your name reminded me of a school classmate by the same name in Baroda who went to Russia for her MBBS.
    Inspiring write-up.
    do write more often.

  11. @Mayank _Thank you for writing back to me ,keep visiting