Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, July 5, 2010

FIFA WORLD CUP N ?????????????

its not a story which is imaginary ,an incident that i wud definately like to relate to FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 
very very upset with argentina's n to be specific messi's performance
it seemed that these celebs dont deserve all the love n appreciation that we the fans give to them so i decided to take a break from this hectic schedule,mourning over brazil n argentina n decided to go to sarojini market for shopping -an every gal's moood buster
deboarded metro at rajiv chowk took an auto to sarojini nagar market with auto wale bhaiya's statement"meter se chalenge madam ji "price rise" hua hai auto fair me"(he literaly used the word price hike)
so i headed off towards sarojini market n took out the newspaper from my bag delhi times said"DHONI TO MARRY SAAKSHI" I WAS DISAPPOINTED NOTHING IS FALLING IN PLACE  i sometimes wonder why every most eligible's bachelor's marriage disaapoints girls(as if just 1 week before he had asked my hand out for marriage........)khair dhoni didnt ditched me  n the very feeling itself that i m going for shopping excited me The weather was lovely with the song"aate jaate huste gaate .socha tha maine man me kai baar"being played in autowent pass the india gate with lil showers a few couples were sitting on grass holding hands it felt romance was in air some memories flashed by n dhoni n messi took a back seat passing by janpath n akbar road made me feel good n proud about the green,clean n happy delhi
my auto then stopped at one of the red signals n then a child aged 7-9 yrs came rushing to sell coloured pens ,a girl came running with all fashion magazine's old edition  to sell ,it was sad to see these small children in their school going age striving to make a living
i decided to buy those pens while i was taking out money from my wallet a boy came running n said :madam ji 10 rs me 10 le lo ye to sirf 5 de raha hai" n they starting fighting hitting each other badly before i cud say anything signal went green n my auto wala bhaiya said"dilli me naye ho? in bachho ko muh mat lagaya karo"i turned back the images of two children fighting faded away n the scenes of romantic couple,india gate,soccer,dhoni.rains every one of them stayed at the signal only n i thought "THIS IS WHAT A LIFE TO BE" ,why life is not so romantic for these children?.why the girl selling vogue magazine was not wearing a proper dress herself? have they ever used the pens they were selling?are we lucky that we have sophisticated problems to worry about or are they cursed that their problem is 5 rs? 
with all these ques in my mind suddenly auto stopped n i heard"lo ji madam jiaaa gaya aapka sarojini"........n i replied"wapas le chalo bhaiya raajiv chowk"......................


  1. Emotional & spontaneous outburst of a tender sensitive heart which cherishes all good things in life. There is a gap between cup and the lip, dreams and reality.But all those Es and Fs will make the journey of life more purposeful and rewarding. Cheer up despite pall of gloom because if winter comes can spring be far behind.

  2. hi dr. sharad here living in bhilai, also prep for ias, was in delhi for 3 long years when i read ur words i feel that i am in delhi.........
    i sent you a fren req at ur facebook,,,me also intrested in social work lets share more abt our ideas....

  3. @hari sir-thanx 4 such wonderful comment

  4. @dr sharad-i didn't get ur frnd request
    thanx 4 appreciating my world

  5. pain is a reality, deprivation, especially to kids, is a more certain reality. i can understand your anguish, you bring it out well in this post Pooja! and where is that autobiographical post u mentioned? - anand patankar

  6. thanx annand
    i m sorry if i mentioned autobiographical
    rather i meant my real life incident