Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Monday, July 19, 2010


HI frnds
i know u may be wondering that what i am trying to say???????
na na i m not going to criticaly review the movie nor discuss the cute Imran Khan(sorry for disappointing all imran's fans) or the happenning sonam kapoor
so lets start with the incident which ended up with this post
yesterday at the mid of nightwhen i was struggling with "fundamental rights "(i mean i was studying) i got a call from my frnd n she sounded very terrified n nervous .I asked her the reason she said"i am going home this weekend"i said so? she said i am going to talk about marriage(this girl basicaly belongs to rajasthan n is in love with a boy who belongs to the so called backward class)
then i started the same old dialogues "dekh yaar ekdum se to nahi manenge but they are educated n the guy is nice yaar to all will be
she said"wo mujhe maar to nahi denge"
i was shocked, a girl so independent n outspoken is talking like this
i persuaded har that her fear is baseless n she should sleep
but was it really baseless???????
every other day we read in newspapers the increasing no of cases of  honour killing
n i dedicate this post to all the family of suffered n the so called heads of society (samaj ke thekedaar) with all due honour
we are living in 21st the so called civilized society n its sad rather pity to read about these incidents
with what right u teach this young unripe minds the biggies of"democracy,freedom n what not",when u kill ur own daughter,your own sister.a member of your clan just for the reason that she has  loved someone not from your caste,your religion or other gotra
we start as these children who see their parents so much in love  
which makes their life perfect ,we grow up with stories of"raja rani"in which raja does anything for love of rani,we hear about the eternal love of "Radha-Krishna"both from our mummy n from the hindi teacher teaching us "shringar kaal ki kavitaye",we still grow up n in every movie we see"simran running up for raj","pooja confessing her love for rahul","jay singing a song for aditi"............n the list never ends
but when someone from our own family raises the issue that he/she loves someone genuinely our masks go down n double standards emerge in name of "parampara n pratishta" WOW...........
What the right we have to call ourselves human when we take a life just for the sake of love?arent those animals far better than us?????
n astonished to see that our cities are no far behind the villages to carry out this inhuman task
its high time youth of our country should come forward to remove this slowly emerging social stigma
"kyu kisi ki baat se ye man aaj udaas hai
kyu laga ki aaj ye kalam chalni chahiye
kyu in chut te hue hathon ne mujhse ye kaha
kyu na meri zindagi ka mol milna chahiye"

mere seene me na sahi

tere seene  me hi sahi ho kahin bhi par ye aag jalni chahiye.........


  1. it is always a pleasure to read your blunt & thoughtful blogs. well I agree that this mindset of ruthless killings is a blot on our social fabric. the thing is no one dares to speak against the khap. shameful indeed. some boys of the same rural background study with me, who say this openly & fearlessly, that they dont ever think twice before killing their daughters & sisters, in case they dare to indulge in love with someone from a different caste. it is very very frightening. only when the Law would intervene, this atrocity would stop. also the mindset of such individuals must change. if not by humble request then by force.looking forward to more such powerful pieces from you in future. good luck...

  2. Moral policing by certain ultra orthodox elements have always been there in one form or other- Sati, Child infanticide, Rigors associated with widowhood , caste discrimination involving even basic necessities of life etc . And as a reaction, social movements by various reformers have come up to sound the sense of wisdom and rational thinking.
    However the present day honour(??) killing is qualitatively different and more menacing. The incidents are occurring with regular periodicity even in most educated families, urbane societies. And the Champions of the hall of “shame” have been vocal about their rightful conduct compounded by extremely narrow minded politicians who add legitimacy to their conduct. The Government cornered by rising public opinion against these acts is apparently coming out with an act to curb this.
    The issues at stake are:
    1. Every citizen is guaranteed a fundamental right to life- it cannot be taken away self styled extra constitutional bodies like Khap Panchayats
    2. Each person of marriage age has an implied right to have his liberty of a life partner and there should be no discrimination in the name of caste, creed and religion
    3. Talibanisation and balkanization of society goes deeply against a progressive civilized society that we want to showcase, and as such, state should curb such heinous activities. To my mind the acts of Khap Panchayats are qualitatively no different from terrorist activities who unleash terror in young minds- and pity of all directed against one’s own kith and kin
    It is high time the mentally decadent philosophy of honour killing is suitably addressed, at stake now is the honour of nation, India as a growing progressive country with global ambitions. At stake now is whether we will put our history back by several centuries or we have the strength to look up and move ahead.
    Having said that please note that mass media loves sensationalisation and negative news sells or assures better TRP. For one such negative case, there would at least be equal number, if not more, cases of successful love stories despite opposition. I know of a Hindu friend who got married to a Muslim girl in a remote town in Orissa that was news of the day. But they have lived happily thereafter reconciling conflicting religious claims quite successfully. Each time I meet them they are happier and bridged the divide more and more. Such success of love and surrender of fanatical elements to the strength of love hardly gets coverage. So Pooja, do not lose heart. For one love story you choose to hate, there would be/ there are umpteen number of successful love stories (Thanks to overriding presence of mass media you have been Khap-blinded). Wish, you add one more to the illustrious list of successful survivors.

  3. Pooja,
    India's social situation is such that, in order to have a caste-less system, would take a millennium. But I really want that to happen, so that no one loses love like me.

  4. All those samaj ke thekedaars are psychos mam and they should be admitted in the mental hospitals..

  5. Not liked....written just for the sake of writing...something which is not connecting your thinking and can write much better....

  6. oh i missed dis one ...but a master piece.I hope this so called Honour killing stops , whenever you lose a person you love it is like a part of you dies i have always believed that. But the truth is that we have alwaz compromised coz of family pressure or coz of society or....watever resaons u give ..but the worst phase of life u can go thru

  7. If we draw a parallel, just as you have work culture in organization, the society has certain 'culture' (actually a misuse of word) which permeates in the thought process and impacts collective decision taking. just as organizations with unhealthy culture failed, I am sure this cruel societal decision making process will come to an end. Instead of criticizing the author or the perpetrators, there is a need for striking at the root cause of the problem. And the problem is that women in certain societies are looked upon as objects and not living humans. This thought process can only be ended by emancipation of women- which doesn't mean getting equal opportunity in jobs, but essentially means equal opportunity in decision making. There is still a long way to go, but I am sure education (not literacy alone, though it is the first and most basic step) is the only tool to emancipate the women.

  8. i agree wid u...hope ur thoughts can enlightn d mind of our orthodox society...