Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

MR M. L.Sharma – do you actually exist?

Hello Mr Sharma .

I am someone’s daughter  and a darling daughter ,I work in Bihar ,I travel across India for  freelancing ,for my stories for a travel show that you must not have watched because at that time you must be busy watching some spiritual movie .

I stay alone ,I travel solo ,I am sometimes late due to work ,I am fond of movies and I usually watch evening shows with friends who are boys too. I wear shorts ,I go on holidays to Goa ,I laugh loudly ………..exactly my point is I am a bad girl according to the definitions that you carry in your head.

You actually said this bullshit that a girl is like a flower, and all men are supposed to protect that flower. Yes I am pretty but I am not a flower .i know how to scream ,how to raise my voice and this was taught to me by a man – My dad. I do get molested ,everyone does and why not with douches like you we can never be safe and yes f I get followed or chased , another man protects me – my best friend ,my brothers but I am no flower Mr Sharma ,I can be a thorn too and better you don’t forget that .

And what was that sweets being howled by dogs. You actually exist? Do you have a daughter? Mother? Sister? Wife ?........No? or do you feel in your own words “ SEX IN THE EYES” when you see the goddesses in the temple . When you work at the court there may be so many female employees ,your colleagues ,you actually get “SEX IN THE EYES” on seeing them?

We are aghast ,each of us at your comments more than the rapist himself and Mr Sharma ,why are you still practicing law .there are many lawyers in the country , go make one organization called “All India Rapists union” ,chair it and tell the time when we should be out else we get raped ,tell us the clothes that we should wear so that you did not get something in your eyes .

The BBC documentary was pretty average but you have emerged quite a favorite ,favorite to puke out choicest of abuses against you. A person who has brutally raped with not even a tinge of remorse preaches that they needed to teach a lesson to the girl who was out in the night with a guy .but A rapist who grew up in a slum with no  access to women in diff roles thinks their place is in the kitchen. You are surprised why? I am not because someone educated as you is there with their theory of “Women are like flowers”( to be torn apart just for a day) ,”Women are like sweets (to be consumed for pleasure ) and “Women are for sex ( to be ,arey.... ye to you already know).

Fate's way of uniting assholes - Of all the defense attorneys in India, what are the odds that a bunch of rapists go for like minded douches.

And then we have a government who mindlessly bans a movie and leave the rapists like you in the open .

Before i end ,let me tell you that we may not be proud of the Indian culture that you advocate ,but we are proud of that girl who was raped once by those beasts and twice when we heard you speaking . Being raped is not a shame ,people like you are .

Waiting for a reply (In words , Mr Sharma)

India’s another daughter

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