Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, January 12, 2015

What defines me ......Its my way or highway

What defines me ………….i have no definitions and boundaries
Few years back when I was a small girl entering teens  I wrote something in my diary ,it was titled “What I wanted to be “ ,it read as follows:
 hi everybody
i thought about writing on this topic 'coz have you all wondered what we always wanted to be right from the time we started uttering words

just take ur wheel of memories in a reverse gear n u would also wonder "ya !it always changed. When i first stepped into school i came across our class teacher "Miss Priya Chablani" so pretty, so beautiful, so lovely to talk n everybody loved her she entered school empty handed n went away with a bunch of flowers ,every girl/boy wanted to share Tiffin with her so i wanted to be like priya mam -a teacher. Then started another journey dad gifted me a colorful story book called "CINDRELLA" on my birthday n believe me all through my dreams i wanted to be Cindrella ,one day i in fact woke up to wash dishes n to look for the pumpkin cart n magical shoes those days...........very like fairy search of a charming prince.

Then i came out of this dilemma that life is not a fairy tale n Cindrella's fever ended up my great grandmother came to live with us from our village n like every elderly she also took her moral duty to entertain us with raja-rani, good vs  evil, tales n one fine day she told us stories about India's freedom struggle she was an eye witness to it n  narrated to us in her own peculiar way with a tag line "fir bhi aaj ke jamene se angrezi raaz behtar tha" we were always glued to her interesting stories full of bravery, valor and patriotism n one fine day came the story of "rani lakshmi bai" ........i was so impressed n yes that was i wanted to be. "khub ladi mardani wo to jhansi wali rani thi"
a woman fighting against all odds for her country ,for her self respect n no less than a man yes i wanted to be like that only.

Fir ek din  we were asked by our house in charge to prepare a house board on "Mother Teresa" collecting information about her n reading about her made me realize how great the lady was so friends for a time being i wanted to be Mother T eresa also

It was 1994 n Sushmita sen became miss universe n it was "SUSH N AISH" everywhere media was full of praises Indian women were recognized globally n indeed they represented a medium of change that was creeping into women's society i loved sush 4 that n yes .......... no need to repeat.
As i grew up i realized i was more effected by things happening around us social change, politics was my area of intrest thanks to my family where there always occurred healthy discussions about politics, my mom always adored "INDIRA GANDHI" n every discussion ended with my mom's statement "par indira ji jaisa dusra nahi aa sakta"

so when my ideas started taking proper shape i wanted to be like Indira ji-a woman of fierce determination, substance, strong determination n having her own important place in a men's world

In between my heart leaped with joy when "Kalpana Chawla" became 1st Indian woman to go into space i loved her for her marvelous achievement, down to earth personality n simplicity. But u know what?now i want be me n only me .I don’t want to be anybody else i want to be known by "Dr Pooja Tripathi" of whom my family n friends be proud of
The End"

                                   That was me , this idea of having unlimited possibilities excited me, as this girl has turned into a lady she is a doctor who cares , a poet who writes , an ex columnist with some of the leading magazines, freelances for the TV shows, Dancer who loves dancing and is invited to speak on public forums on issues concerning women .I don’t have any definitions and I don’t want to have any ,instead I have passions ,multiple ones which I pursue.

"I look around me
and my eyes confound me
and its coming into sight
at last happiness has found me
i dont have to search anymore 
all this time it was me i was looking for
in the dark i have found light
n it feels like never before”

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