Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
I write because we had deleted enough

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Have Traveled.............Forever

I have traveled through, flickering beams
I have traveled down the road of fractured dreams, 
I have traveled down the roads of lovers parting 
and I have traveled down those sad roads, enough it seems.

I have traveled down the paths of injustice 
and traveled on the highways of deceit, 
I have traveled through mistrust and doubt, 
and traversed too many roads of ' incomplete  shout'.

I have driven on the turnpikes of destruction, 
and I have rested on the sides of these at night, 
I have traveled down the roads of wrong selection, 
and I have known the fear that comes with needless

I have ventured down the highways of humanity, 
and gazed upon the pathways of  sanity
I have traveled down the road of self-deception, 
and found, that in the end ... 
its you and only you who matter

In all my aimless travel, 
I have found it to be true ... 
that no matter what you think you know, 
... there always is a different point of view
In this journey of life,
I have traveled down many roads
And what matters the most

Is that one path that crosses and yet merges………………Sehar 


  1. very nice but do not use bold word because it give some problem while reading

  2. @Rohit-thanks for the advice.Noted

  3. Nice. I can actually co relate myself. Thanks

  4. Good job :-)
    And "Sehar" is for?