Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Saturday, June 22, 2013


We all grew up with tales of Superheroes…..some desi ones and some videshi but accept it once in your life we all have been in awe of these superheroes. We all have imagined the world under grave dangers and superhero saving them all and wooing the cutest girl too
Gradually we mature ,we realize that they don’t exist,they save lives only in comics but is it true? A big NO
This month rains and weather created havoc in uttarakhand during the peak season of Hindu pilgrimage ,more than 60000 people got stranded in cold,water without any food and water
Those who survived the cloudburst and flood that ravaged Uttarakhand are limping back home with harrowing tales of spending four days without food and water, being forced to pay Rs.200 for a Rs.5 biscuit packet, and of a former Bihar minister who slept on a "layer of dead bodies".
The hundreds and thousands returning to safety from the rain ravaged Kedar Valley and other parts of devastated Uttarakhand have stories to narrate of human insensitivity, as some locals are fleecing the trapped pilgrims and tourists in the wake of shortages of food supply, shelter, medicines and drinking water The scenes of abandoned bodies ,everywhere land submerged under water is scary to the core reminding us of the mythological euphemism of ”Tandav” by Lord Shiva
And who else than our Indian Army,Air Force and Paramilitary forces saved the day, nonstop rescue operations, medical aid to old, infirm and injured and even staying back at the flood sites so that more and more stranded people can be airlifted Men in uniform owe this to us .Endless stories of bravery, sensitivity and rescue have been viral on internet, we all are sharing pics of these amazing persons ,tweeting about them, blogging but do remember when the water recedes and things get back to normal ,don’t ever forget that …………….”SUPERHEROES DO EXIST “ and they are in between us donning that uniform
IMPORTANT- those who wish to contribute funds for supporting the relief operations can send cheques to Prime Minister National relief fund at

If you wish to send blankets,food packs and relief material ,send them to NGO ‘Goonj” on 011 4140216 

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