Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Monday, January 14, 2013


ON ARMY DAY..........a post in gratitude to the men who serve our country amid all odds away from their homes and families to held that tricolor high 

"We murmur daily and complain
Of irritations, minor pain,
And yet we stand, in freedom's gain,
View sacrifices with disdain.
This very day, around the globe,
The faithful stand upon the Hope,
Their bodies marred, their lives laid down
To gain a share of Heaven's crown.
These humble heroes meekly stand
And place their trust in nation's hand;
They count their sorrows wholly blest
To serve a calling o'er the rest.
Although their human lives be spent,
No enemy can circumvent.
With mortar mixed from martyr's blood,
The nation will stand through fire and blood"

For a while just say a word of thank you to these soldiers as we are sleeping peacefully at our homes as they are out there serving in tough terrains and harsh weather
"करता हूँ मैं देशभक्तों नमन
जाँ पे खेला बचाया है तुमने वतन
ज़ुल्म सहते रहे गोली खाते रहे
बीच लाशों के तुम मुस्कुराते रहे
कतरे-कतरे से तुमने ये सींचा चमन
आज करता हूँ मैं देशभक्तों नमन
साँप बनकर जो आए थे डसने हमें
कुचला पैरों से तुमने मिटाया उन्हें
कर दिया पल में ही दुश्मनों का दमन
आज करता हूँ मैं देशभक्तों नमन
सर झुकाया नहीं सर कटाते रहे
देख बलिदान दुश्मन भी जाते रहे
माँ ने बाँधा था सर पे तुम्हारे कफ़न
करता हूँ मैं देशभक्तों नमन."
-(the poem in hindi is through a post on Indian Army Fans FB Page)

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