Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are you On Facebook????????

So i am back with a short story:
DISCLAIMER-this is not a work of fiction &bears some striking resemblances to some persons very much living on this planet&if it offends someone ,i ask for a sincere apology
"I was traveling to my home town in a train with a resolution that i am not gonna  talk to anyone this time as is a habit of me to land into conversation with every single person around(some"bad" experiences behind it)everything was going fine & as a sincere study bug i had carried some study material along with me (*god save me from the torture as soon as possible ,instead of "mills &boons" i was reading microeconomics)

Suddenly i noticed  a guy peeping into my book as if he has authored the same ,when i looked up he said"are you preparing for some exam" ???
He-which one?
ME-civil services
He-wow.....thats cool(*i wish i could also have said a wow&cool)

Then he started extracting from me every detail about the exam ,system ,corruption ,polity n we had a long conversation
n next time if you find his name among the toppers n he says hez thankful to parents,god &teachers,please include "the girl in train";-)

Then there were all the people around who participated in conversation which got heated up as every single person wanted to show that he is no less"socially &politically enlightened" citizen than the other  &the one in disadvantage was this poor guy who had painstakingly started this conversation &now was the least heard voice

The caterers served diner &gradually the environment which just a minutes before presented  a discussion point of another"Jasmine  revolution"shifted gears on whether they should include "gulab jamun" on deserta instead of vanilla ice cream .....So everybody retired to sleep &then the "guy" took a front seat and contd.....

He-So what did you do for graduation?
Me-I am a doctor
He-wow..thats cool(my thoughts:same as above),so it seems you are a writer?
Me-a little bit of writing i do (plzzz ,do i look like a fool?i know you have overheard me talking on  phone about me being a writer*)

A little bit of  talking continued about delhi,my home state,family till i interrupted that i needed to sleep.There was en exchange of goodnights
i woke up amid tea &the same "revolutionaries" discussing  a civil rights movement of India .There came my station n i picked up my bag to get down ,bid goodbye to everyone including that guy and then.........

He-it was nice meeting you ,Dr.....hmm
Me-same here ok then goodbye
Me- No

He gave me such a disappointing look as if he just came to know that his blind date is a gay

He-okk doctor all the best for your exams
Me-thanks a lot

i walked down the platform with a smile thinking that hope he does not google my name to find out a freaking facebook fan & a twitterati in totalitarian
.remembered the movie"The Social Network" n was wondering if the movie was true ,then how "uncool"Mark Zuckerburg was .i don't think he had even started a conversation with a girl on train(come on he was not interested in the girls who were his fans) take a bow Mark -you not only made yourself a youngest millionaire but gave a new "hip &happening" passaway line to this new generation cheers to you &facebook

meeting my family i suddenly realized i forgot to buy some chocolates for the two kids at home ,i turned back ,rushed to nearest tea stall to get hold of some candies &there was this guy with his back facing me smoking a cigarette with his friend here goes the last conversation

Friend-So whats up?kuch baat bani"(did something crop up)
He- a complete waste of time yaar,of one whole train journey ............can you believe "SHE IS NOT EVEN ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!"



  1. As usually wonderfully written Pooja ! Saying No was probably best thing in such a situations !

    making new friends is always good but Intentions should be honest .

    About him : what a jerk !

  2. Hahaha.. This is really cool Doctor.. :) And the same story will keep happening ever on this planet.. :)

  3. can U BELIVE it . SHe is nt even on FACE BOOK............. HA ha ha ha........ A SOCIAL Issue Described in a Humorous Manner.... Good one ........ :D

  4. Hahahaha...This was really cool like ;wow..thats cool.
    This guy really went over to supersede DDLJ type theory, but unfortunately he was flat fallen on his own face as the predictions going all wrong.

    It was one of the typical examples of the Roadside Romeos( in this case it was on-train romeo)hoping to get a dime a dozen but finally barking up the wrong tree.

    You did the rite thing Pooja!!!

  5. i am r such a good writer...

  6. You know, I always look forward to when you would write something spontaneous like this. Loved your expression & flow. And needless to say, you're one hell of a woman :) Served that guy right! For the record, I too love chocolates...

  7. i think that Disclaimer on the top you had specially written for that guy only.... hahhahahh.......

  8. o guys r really irritating.......... but really luvd dis blog..........ur amazing........ *kudos*

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  10. U're like a magnet..people who see u gets attracted to u..

    if a person (he/she) see u,they wants to talk 2 u..
    once they start talking 2 u..they wants to talk more...
    after that, they wants to become ur friend, and then they don't wanna to miss ur friendship forever.

    u're like that..u're simply awesome!

    it's not his mistake...(:

  11. Point1. Every boy think that way or atleast pretend to think that way(with respect to last line) in between his friends. If he fails to act this way then he would be called with different names/weird habits related him to old cultured.
    Point2. Exchanging email ids is a better way compared to facebook. But yeah for youths and even u, sometimes we are able to find some great people/old frds which normally would have got lost.

    Nice blog, read ur blog after quite some time and again I loved it. Hope to see more of you or better compile stories to make a book out of it.
    Avi !!

  12. Well written Pooja. Its hard to believe but ya.. guys at time can be totally jerk... he should have been thankful for the nice conversation rather than trying to get a girl on his facebook friend's list. Really like the story.