Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Friday, November 5, 2010

DIL TO BACHHA HAI JI...................

Once upon a time  I would start preparing for Diwali a month in advance. No, I’d not be helping my mother with the cleaning or discuss about gifts for our relatives.

Almost a month before Diwali, I’d plan my new dress for the day, figure out rangoli patterns for each day, pester my parents to take me shopping for lights and lanterns, buy heaps of crackers on the way home, insist on buying the most beautiful candles and do everything that was suppose to be done to make this festival what it’s meant to be – a festival of lights!

In fact, pre-Diwali was one of those rare occasions when my mother actually encouraged my hyper-active nature; because in my excitement I’d do half the work myself! I wouldn’t be half as enthusiastic to celebrate my birthday. After all, isn’t Diwali the festival that brings together friends and family?

we had this huge red tub, which would be brought out of the storeroom only during this festival. we’d store our crackers in it and protect it with  life &always ensured that it was equally divided between all siblings n spend hours over it. My crackers were so precious to me during Diwali! I hated it when my old relatives would frown and say – ‘Don’t you see what a waste of money these are? You are practically burning money!’ Being as small as I was, I’d just scowl back and walk away!.when was the last time when we all gathered together for"lakshmi puja" &were more interested in crackers burning outside

However, something changed over the years. I failed to celebrate Diwali, in the manner that I always did, just before appearing for my tenth board exams. Because the main focus was on studies, I actually felt that this festival had taken a backseat in my life for the very first time. So after criticizing our government for the bad timing of exams, I decided that the coming years would be better!

Did it get any better? Well may be the year after was not so bad, but then came the HSC exams, and once again Diwali celebrations did not happen. There on, with every successive year I realised Diwali was never the same!

What changed? Had I grown up? But why had the world grown up along with me? Why was it that with every passing year, people did not bother to bring out their lights or family get-togethers became less important than business deals? Are we all running way too fast to enjoy the festive spirit of India?

When was the last time you bothered to wake up early and change the rangoli design? Or took the time to clear your wardrobe and offer your old clothes to the needy? Or like everyone else, did you decide to use this day as another ‘bank holiday,’ choosing to stay at home to relax after your hectic work schedule? It’s easy to see that this festival of lights grows dimmer each year!

It seems like Diwali is a festival only for kids. After all they’re the only ones spending hours with the fuljhadis, parachutes and other crackers. Who ever knew growing up would be so boring?

So this year, like before, I decided to become a kid again and spend hours decorating my home with lights and colours, to make a plan and step out of home to meet relatives and indulge in sweets and delicacies. ­­­After all it is worth becoming a child again to enjoy the festive spirit of Diwali!
Time never comes back,so go ahead enjoy every festival,every moment................SEHAR


  1. Sehar, so true: time never comes back. Enjoy every moment. Here's to wishing you many more wonderful, joyous moments on your journey. Here's to welcoming the spirit of the child from within.

    Thank you for sharing the festival of lights with us. Blessings to you and your family.


  2. thanx mia
    wishing you too a very happy diwali

  3. One of the management key to happiness – let us uncomplicate. Our best part in life is childhood because we are at our natural best. The more we grow the more we create a make believe world.

    And people now realize it. In all offices now you can find girls/ women tirelessly working overtime for Rangoli and other decorative stuff everywhere. It is good you are doing it. Sure it gives creative pleasure and mental satisfaction. ENJOY!!! Happy Diwali!!!

  4. I really miss those days!!!!! awesome post pooja..

  5. Ah! Our dear Pooja is back again in her contemplative mood!! As I read the blog, I began to identify myself with the feeling of change & transformation she very deftly expressed. Everything that she has written is present in all of us but we hardly ever realize how fast we are changing. Even I noticed my sudden disinterest in the spirit of celebration as I'm growing older. That childish (or rather innocent) eagerness & enthusiasm is lesser, if not lost altogether. And the obvious reasons are increasing worries & a highly preoccupied mind. My Aunt, who is over 75 years old, recollects her memories of Diwali from her childhood, and it sounds so unbelievable. They had such a carefree atmosphere back then & used to cherish each moment, while we are blindly running in some pointless race. I hope we learn to stop and observe & appreciate the beauty of each passing moment. All in all, a very beautifully framed blog: complex feelings through simple words. Made me introspect greatly. Looking forward to more such amazingly well-written pieces from you, Pooja. Godspeed.

  6. @hari sir,sandeep &shivang-thanx for appreciating
    At times i feel the good old traditions of festivals is loosing its charm due to creeping sophistication &lets be a child again to enjoy the festivals with full innocence

  7. It was a great diwali for me also... after 13 years the diwali was the same. Its more about the attitude with which we take the festival. After a long time i celebrated it without any other tension. and have decided to live each day the same way.