Author is not an alien

Author is not an alien
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

And i missed the train..............

This week’s WOW challenge made me remember an incident from my own life and one of the most memorable incident capable of tag “ Too much hi ho gaya yaar “ .This dates back to the time when I was in class 12th and was appearing for multiple Pre medical Tests which made me travel all through the country . So it was AIIMS pre medical exam was in Mumbai
My mamaji lived there and it was decided that my mother would take me along to Mumbai for the exam and we would be staying at my mamaji’s place. It was peak season and dad ran through pillar and post to get confirmed tickets of Bombay mail .Our home is quite near to Railway Station and fundamental rule of travelling says that “Nearer the station to your house ,more is the possibility of missing the train”
So the due date arrived with mom doing all the packing and I was busy with studies. Mom bought some gifts for mamaji’s family and asked my dad to bring laddoos of one sweet shop which were such a hit with my mamaji’s family and that too 3 kgs . The train was at midnight .Before leaving dad got the ladoos only to my maa’s shock that it was only 2kgs ,the result of which was every family’s kissa “ Saari bachat tumhari mere ghar waalon par hi hoti hai”
This sweet fight took a lot of time ,we had to remind them that we will miss the train. We loaded the luggage in the car and after having “ Curd with sugar” we left. We had just left the home when car broke down and after repeated attempts to start it,it didn’t .It was past 11 p.m and the autos were nowhere in sight. My dreams of being a doctor faded with every vehicle that refused to stop .Suddenly a police patrol vehicle stopped and asked us what was the matter. On listening to the urgency of situation ,they offered me and mom a lift .Suddenly they seemed as incarnation of Lord Vishnu  himself to my maa.
We reached the station at 11.55 p.m and one train was there at Platform number 1.Thanking the policemen ,gasping for some air we ran towards the train .I asked one person who was in a hurry which train was it ,He said” Mumbai-Howrah” .We sighed a breath of relief and sat down at the platform realizing that there still was some time left for the train to arrive
Mumbai –Howrah gave the siren and left the platform ,we both looked at the train  and here was the shock of our life .The last bogie of the train said
                       MUMBAI MAIL
                     MUMBAI- HOWRAH
And we missed the train……………………………..

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